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Domestic surveillance equipment to use for a variety of needs to help with your problems.
Surveillance equipment that you can use to ensure your family member is receiving the care they need.

Security products to use at home and to support your family.

Professional surveillance equipment that can be used as part of a neighbourhood or private watch scheme.

Professional video recording equipment to use for a variety of business and commercial needs.

Surveillance equipment can be used to gather work based evidence of bullying theft or other unwanted activities.

Professional camouflaged CCTV equipment to use in rural homes or farm environments.

Encryption and security surveillance products to help secure your online data.


In many situations, surveillance equipment can be the only real solution to a problem that’s affecting your home, family, work or business.

Your problem could be concerns over the care of an elderly relative, anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood or a threat to your business when you lock up at night. Whatever the situation, Online Spy Shop has specialist products that can help you resolve the problem, give you better peace of mind and help you sleep at night.

What do you need surveillance equipment for and what do you aim to achieve?

Understanding the nature of your problem is key to finding a solution that really works. Each camera, recording device and tracker has different features, each suited to a different range of tasks and purposes. These range from simple wearable cameras to sophisticated CCTV systems, indoor call recording and voice recorder devices to hardy outdoor satellite trackers.

To save you time in finding exactly the right equipment for your needs, we have divided all of our products into clear categories. For example, there are products suitable for domestic use to help you protect your loved ones, and there are also specialist solutions for businesses and commercial premises. Whatever your problem, it’s quick and easy to find a fit-for-purpose, specialist solution.