Day / Night Dome Camera Recorder


One of the easiest to use surveillance cameras around, this day / night dome camera recorder is fully portable and can be plugged into a mains wall socket for 24/7 monitoring.  This CCTV security camera is excellent for car or office monitoring and offers IR night vision recording, motion activation and an impressive storage capacity. 

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Security Dome Camera; with Night Vision for Vehicle / Home / Office

This is a small, portable indoor Dome Camera that is extremely easy-to-use. Simply plug the Dome Camera into any mains wall socket (via the supplied USB plug) to provide 24/7 monitoring and recording even during dark hours! The Dome Camera has a lens which can be physically rotated to provide the best camera viewing angle and is ideal for long term surveillance within the home or office environment.

The Day / Night Dome Camera uses Plug & Play technology so there is no technical skill required, and the supplied Widget software allows you to change menu settings to your preferred recording mode. You can select to record continuously or record when motion is detected. Additionally, the Dome Camera is capable of recording through a clean window during daylight hours.

Please Note: Monitoring and recording of the Dome Camera through a glass window during night time hours is not suitable in our tests.

If you wish to use the Dome Camera inside a vehicle, the cigarette charger must be functional when the car engine is switched OFF.  Not all cars continue to provide power through the cigarette socket therefore, please check before purchasing.

Video file recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card accompanied with audio and a time & date for evidential purposes.


We supply a high quality Class 10 SD card at no extra cost.  The supplied 16 GB card is capable of storing approx four (4) days worth of recording and we offer the choice to purchase a 32 GB card from the drop down menu.

  • Need to catch vandals scratching your car?
  • Need to catch the late night prowlers in your garden?
  • Need to surveillance a building, event, or activity?
  • Need to record activities over long periods in your absence?

Whatever your reasons, this Dome Camera is super easy to operate and provides reliable 24/7 active surveillance to capture events day or night.


The 2.8 mm camera lens provides a wide angled 110 degree field-of-view compared to standard 3.6 mm (90 degree) Dome Cameras.

24x IR LED'S

Fitted around the camera lens are 24x infa-red illuminators which provide clear recording capability during night time. Please remember that these LED's are not invisible to the human eye and therefore, the Dome Camera should act more as a deterrent than a spy camera.

Recorded video footage can be viewed on a Windows or Mac computer.


This small security Dome Camera offers CCTV recording at a reasonable price and is ideal for use within the home, office, supermarkets, schools, warehouses, shops, garages, out-buildings, streets - or anywhere that requires surveillance monitoring and recording capabilities.

More Information
How big is the dome camera?

The dome measures just 75 x 90 x 90 mm.

How do I power the dome camera?

Simply plug the camera into any mains wall socket or car cigarette lighter.

Please Note: Please check your vehicle to ensure the cigarette socket provides standby power when the engine is switched OFF as not all cars are equipped with this capability.  We do not include any in car cigarette charger or mains charger.

Does the dome camera have in-built storage memory?

No.  All recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card which can be played on any Windows or Mac computer or any other compatible SD card reader.

How do I change the settings on the dome camera from motion detection to continuous recording?

You are supplied with an easy-to-use Windows widget tool software which allows you to configure and save changes to the Micro SD card.  The Micro SD card is then inserted into the camera and the changes take effect.

What size Micro SD card is supported?

32 GB is the maximum size supported however, a four (4) GB size is sufficient to store 24 hours of continuous or motion activated recording.

I need to catch a vandal who comes into our property during the night?

Easy!  The dome is equipped with 24 night vision illuminators so recording in darkness is easy!

Can the camera record through a glass window?

Providing it is used during day light hours for best results and the window is completely free of dirty streaks, rain drops and not obstructed by reflections from the sun.

Can I set the time / date on the camera?

Yes.  Using the Windows widget tool.

Will it record audio?

Yes.  The surveillance dome camera is integrated with a microphone to provide clear audio.

Does the camera record colour?

Yes.  Full colour during the day, and black & white during the night.

Technical Info
  • Small CCTV dome camera recorder
  • No technical skill required
  • Completely portable
  • Plugs directly into any mains wall socket or car cigarette lighter
  • No batteries required
  • Swivel camera head - aim the camera lens for better viewing
  • Recording modes - Motion detection and continuous
  • Records in three (3) - five (5) minute intervals (motion detection recording) and 30 minute intervals (continuous recording)
  • Recording storage - Micro SD card.
  • Recording capacity - 32 GB maximum.  Four (4) GB holds approx 24 hours of recordable footage
  • Loop recording
  • 24x integrated night vision LED's for recording in total darkness
  • LED indicator
  • Core processor - ARM9 32-bit
  • Camera lens - 2.8 mm
  • Image sensor - 1/4" CMOS
  • Lens resolution - 300'000 pixels
  • Video encoding - 3GP
  • Video resolution - 640 x 480
  • Frames per second - 30 fps
  • White balance - automatic
  • Integrated audio
  • Audio format - ADPCM format
  • S / N Ratio - 48 db
  • Time & date stamp
  • Dimensions - 75 x 90 x 90 mm
  • Weight - 200 grams
  • Supplied with security dome camera, Windows widget tool, FREE 16 GB SD card, genuine Apple mains plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for indoor surveillance for gathering evidence whilst in your absence
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