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An easy-to-use call recording device for landlines, capturing both incoming and outgoing calls for evidence purposes.  Help identify malicious callers and keep detailed phone records with this brilliant telephone recording product, which plugs directly into the BT socket and offers 240 hours of call storage.  As an extra feature, this device also offers encrypted audio recordings in WAV format. 

Automatic Landline Telephone Recorder; with Caller Display and 95 Hours Call Storage

This palm sized Caller ID Telephone Recorder sits next to your landline telephone and acts as a full telephone recording system, ideal for the home or business user.  The Telehone Recorder is easy to setup and then automatically records all incoming / outgoing calls to a removable SD card which can store up to 95 hours of calls.

Each recorded call is accompanied with the caller name (where applicable), the telephone number and the time and date.  Recorded telephone call files can be played through the devices in-built speaker, or the supplied earphones, or through a Windows / Mac computer.

You can choose to record each call manually or record calls automatically when the handset is lifted.  A smart LED illuminates on the Telephone Recorder to let you know recording of the call is taking place.  Additionally, an omni directional small external microphone can be plugged into the Telephone Recorder to record room conversations like business talks with visitors, meetings and conferences.


Without the appropriate audio evidence you simply cannot act.  Verbal slander is on the rise.


How many times have you heard something that was said during a telephone call or made an agreement which you can not prove?  How frustrating is it when you know the other person agreed on something but is now denying? Whatever your reasons may be, telephone recording of your own calls is legal and should be used as a way of providing vital evidence to protect your integrity.

Telephone calls are recorded in MP3 format and controlled on the units interface such as fast search, delete, repeat etc - via the LCD display.  The Telephone Recorder is compatible with both analog and digital phone systems, but please note for use with a digital phone system you must use the included hook switch for recording, or use manual mode.  Analog phone lines can utilise full automatic recording with or without the hook switch.

This Caller ID Telephone Recorder provides a solution for manual and automatic call recording and accurate file system management for the home or office user.

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Technical Info
  • Palm sized desktop landline telephone recording system
  • Sits conveniently next to the landline telephone
  • Records both incoming / outgoing calls
  • Manual or automatic recording
  • Records name, number and time / date
  • Storage format - SD card
  • Max SD card - four (4) GB / 95 hours / 2000 files
  • In-built speakerphone
  • Smart LED recording
  • Room recording via small external microphone
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Easy navigational LCD display
  • Supports digital and analogue handsets
  • Input voltage - Five (5) DC / 500 mA
  • Input terminal - jacks / telephone line / handset line / 3.5 PI line in
  • Output earphone - 3.5 PI stereo
  • Speaker - 30 mm / One (1) W
  • Speaker output - 500 mW
  • Frequency range - 40 - 20'000 Hz
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 40 C
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Dimensions - 55 x 60 x 90 mm
  • Weight - 200 grams
  • Supplied with caller ID telephone recorder, mains adapter, earphones, telephone cable, handset cable, four (4) GB SD card, SD card reader, external microphone, auxiliary hook switch and User Guide
  • Ideal for recording home or office telephone calls for prosperity

Please Note: The recording of telephone calls may be illegal in some countries.  Please check your local laws before purchasing and refer to our terms and conditions of sale.

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