Worried About Vehicle Theft? Learn How A GPS Tracker Could Help You Sleep At Night

If you’ have just bought a new car or kitted out all your employees with new company vehicles, it's only natural to have concerns about keeping your new car safe. A vehicle is a valuable commodity, potentially making it a thief target. To help you rest easier at night, you don’t need a Fort Knox-style secure garage to keep your car, nor do you need an expensive CCTV security system. You only need a good insurance policy and another clever, high-tech trick-up-your-sleeve –GPS car tracker.

How GPS Trackers work

A GPS tracker can act in just the same way as a comprehensive insurance policy. You might never need to use it to track a vehicle actively, but it can give you great peace of mind to know it's there. GPS trackers are designed to be very discreet, so there’s no big flashing beacon to inform everyone that the vehicle’s location is being monitored.

Black in colour and compact in size, they can be placed in many locations in and on a vehicle. Some are even waterproof so that they can withstand the elements. Once activated, a GPS tracker starts to report on its location immediately, sending data to a secure remote server, which you can access via a range of devices.

Types of Trackers and ways of staying in the loop

One of the most popular GPS trackers gives you real-time access to the vehicle’s location. This means you can log into your private tracking console and see where the vehicle is at any moment. Miraculously, you can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you can get online, offering great peace of mind for those holidays and business trips away when your car has to be left behind.

If you don’t need such intensive tracking, there is another option. SMS vehicle trackers allow you to ‘check in’ with your vehicle. When you send a text requesting the vehicle’s location, a text is sent right back to let you know where it is. So, if your vehicle goes missing, this information could be all you need to inform the police and track it down.

Vehicle Trackers for business

GPS trackers are handy for private car owners and are commonly used by businesses wanting to look after their fleets or keep an eye on company cars. They can potentially be used to negotiate with insurers to drive policy premiums down and offer good security.

However, trackers can also monitor suspicious employee behaviour, train, improve the efficiency of everyday business processes and do many other very useful things. If a vehicle has any value to you, either financially, emotionally or from a business perspective, it’s well worth protecting it with a GPS tracker.