The personal and home security market has grown rapidly over the last few years, as new technology can help us feel safer at home. The global security market is evaluated at roughly $167 billion, with the video surveillance category expanding rapidly also. With so much variety of new security technologies, it can be difficult to pick which devices are right for you and your security needs. With most security gadgets running high in price, it is important your money goes towards a worthwhile product. We have selected three key pieces of security equipment every home needs to get started on creating a safer, more secure home. 

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are very useful gadgets that track the location of an item using GPS signals. GPS trackers are best used on vehicles or items which may be moving frequently, allowing you to always know where that item may be. Most people attach GPS trackers to their cars, allowing them to be notified if their car is moving when it is supposed to be parked and stationary. The best thing about GPS trackers is the ability to create geofences around your vehicle. This allows you to draw on a digital map, a perimeter around a tracked item. If the item moves outside of this perimeter you will be immediately notified, using a predefined number and message. GPS tracking information has been integral to many police investigations, in relocating stolen goods or, mostly stolen vehicles. A small, inconspicuous black box could be the difference between you being reunited with your stolen car, or it is lost forever. 

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are a must-have in the modern world. Studies show a visible alarm system outside a home can immediately scare away thieves from attempting to enter your property. With such a variety of alarm systems available, there is a type for every preference. Most alarm systems can be set so that when they are triggered, they automatically contact the local police. Whilst home alarm systems do not yet offer the ability to collect video footage, helping identify thieves. Nevertheless, they are a worthy asset to your home's security.

Spy Cameras

No other security device allows you to watch perpetrators, monitor their actions, and possibly identify them as spy cameras can. In terms of home security and safety, spy cameras are the best way to be able to observe and hopefully catch those entering or breaking the safety of your home. Spy cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be body-worn, motion-activated or hidden cameras. Whether you would like to monitor anti-social behaviour around your home or be able to identify someone breaking and entering, spy cameras allow you to put the face to the criminal.