Side view and front view of modern security cameras with infrared night vision, displayed against a white background, highlighting their sleek design and advanced surveillance features.

With so many different security cameras coming onto the market every few months, it cannot be easy to discover which security camera is best for your needs. Luckily there is now a security camera for need, whether you like keeping an eye on the wildlife in your garden at night or you wish to catch those trying to enter your home unlawfully.

Motion Activated Cameras

Motion-activated cameras are much more economical and user-friendly than traditional security cameras. If you are looking for an entry-level security camera which will do most of the work for you, look no further than the motion-activated camera. Motion-activated cameras immediately recognise movement and begin recording, saving you from having to scroll through hours of static footage. An enormous amount of space is needed to store footage, particularly from traditional security cameras, which record 24/7.

This not only requires you to purchase expensive external hard drives, but you will also need to expect your electric bill to rise considerably. Unless you are a private business or wish to monitor the exterior of your home, there is very little need for traditional security cameras within the home. More so, modern motion-activated cameras not only switch on once motion is detected, but they can also send a push notification to your chosen device, alerting you of movement.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras allow you to ensure your home is secure around the clock. If you live in a lively neighbourhood, especially within a city, night vision cameras can provide valuable peace of mind in knowing your property is being watched whilst you rest. In the unfortunate instance of a break-in, night-vision footage can be used to identify thieves or criminals, evidence that can be used in court if needed. Aside from issues around security, night vision cameras can also allow you to enjoy your garden at night, seeing wildlife that only comes out in the early hours of the morning.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden motion-activated surveillance cameras come in a variety of guises, making them suitable for almost any location. Cameras can be disguised within laptops, teddy bears, pens, and plug sockets. Hidden cameras allow remote viewing from the angle of the object, allowing you to keep a close eye on specific valuables.  If you wish to keep tabs on a specific item, a hidden camera may work best for you. As you can take a hidden camera and place it anywhere, it is much more flexible than fixed, traditional security cameras.

More so, hidden cameras are very good at watching other people, as they prevent people from knowing they are being watched. This allows you to see someone's natural behaviour within your home, as someone may act differently if they know they are being watched. Hidden cameras could be useful for keeping an eye on a childminder or carer to ensure they are providing the best care possible for your loved ones.