What Is Counter-Surveillance?

What was your first encounter with surveillance? Was it noticing moving cameras in a shop or on the street, or was it a first-hand experience of phone tapping or just feeling like you're being watched? Surveillance is now inescapable. Businesses and homeowners are now opting to have surveillance put in place on their properties. Security forces or vehicle drivers can also wear dash and body cams to capture any wrongdoing or accident for insurance purposes.

Research conducted by Clarion Security Systems estimates there are over 7.3 million security cameras in the UK. This means there is 1 security camera for every 11 people. If that isn’t terrifying enough, it is also estimated your image is likely to be captured up to 70 times a day on CCTV cameras. Whilst we shouldn’t fear surveillance a lot of the time, it is put in place for our safety; it can be used against us. Counter-surveillance can help protect you from unwanted monitoring, ensuring you are never being watched or recorded for malicious reasons. The following counter-surveillance products below can help disrupt or expose surveillance being used maliciously against you.

Audio Jammers

A tapped phone, whether a smartphone or landline, is not uncommon. We can’t forget the dirty tactics of News of The World journalists in the 80s and 90s, who routinely listened in on private conversations to get their next headline. With modern-day technology and hacking having advanced so much, it’s scary to think who could gain access to your personal conversations if they wanted to. If you fear your mobile phone or landline may be bugged, an audio jammer could be just the product for you. Audio Jammers easily distort your phone calls and conversations, so anyone listening can only hear a jumbled message.

Bug Detectors

Are you an avid traveller, staying in different accommodations frequently? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a bug detector. This counter surveillance equipment quickly scans a room, identifying any bugs that may be watching or listening to you. With the rise of Airbnb and staying in other people’s homes, sometimes you can’t shake the feeling of being watched. A manual search of a room which may be thorough will still be ineffective in finding a bug. Spotting a bug with modern spyware in all shapes and sizes is almost impossible. They can also be hidden in walls or electrical appliances. A manual search could take hours; a bug detector can give peace of mind instantly.

Should you invest in Counter-Surveillance?

The benefits of investing in counter-surveillance tools far outweigh the negatives. Investing in counter-surveillance allows you to take back control of your privacy, protecting yourself and your loved ones. Beginning your journey into surveillance can be overwhelming with so many products on the market. Luckily, expert providers at Online Spy Shop provide a range of counter surveillance products, suited to your every need. Whether you wish to set up your security system or check for bugs in your home, we have you covered.