A group of hikers with backpacks walking on a trail in a dense forest.

GPS trackers are one of the handiest gadgets on the market currently. Everyone can benefit from having one.

Here are four examples of using a GPS Tracker

1. Looking after family members

GPS trackers can be a handy way for the whole family to feel a little safer when out and about. If your children are heading out for a day trip or going abroad, they may feel safer knowing you can track their location. GPS trackers can also help the elderly feel safer and give relatives peace of mind. An unfortunate side effect of illnesses like dementia is wandering. Dementia sufferers can think they are walking to a certain destination but can easily get lost or walk into an unknown area. 6 in 10 people with dementia experience wandering, leaving them vulnerable and unable to find their way home. Giving your loved one a GPS tracker will allow you to locate them before they go too far quickly.

2. Business use

With employee consent, installing GPS trackers in your fleet of vehicles can be useful for both employees and employers. GPS trackers can help employees improve the driving experience with GPS navigation. A handy feature of GPS tracking is route planning, allowing drivers to avoid congested areas or blocked-off roads. Also, in the case of an accident or breakdown, employers will be able to locate their employees and send help as quickly as possible. For employers, GPS trackers can help with budgeting, allowing pre-planning for the expected mileage their drivers will do on different journeys. GPS trackers are also a great USP for any business, particularly for delivery drivers, as customers can check the location of their parcel before it arrives.

3. Anti-theft

Having a GPS tracker attached to your valuables can help locate stolen goods and deter thieves. With car theft being one of the most common kinds of theft in the UK, installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle can help deter thieves or help rescue your stolen vehicle. With smartphones becoming more and more expensive, you can also protect your phone with a GPS tracking phone case. GPS trackers are also commonly used on pet collars, allowing pet owners to track animals if they stray too far.

4. In case of emergencies

As we have become so over-reliant on smartphones, it is easy to forget these devices can fail, break or die of low battery. If you are out travelling or hiking, carrying a GPS tracker can be a backup mode of communication if you need help. Most people trackers have an SOS button; when pressed, they send a message to a predefined number, alerting them that you need help. This could allow you to contact emergency services or a relative if you need help. A GPS tracker will be a great gadget to have, especially if you are in a rural area with a bad signal.

The endless uses of GPS Trackers

There are so many benefits to using GPS trackers, as they can help provide a competitive edge to your business or potentially save a loved one’s life. As there are now so many shapes and sizes of GPS trackers, you will be able to find a tracker that will cater to your specific needs.