Close-up of a covert camera installed on a vehicle.

A hidden spy camera should be every homeowner's new best friend. Whether you want to keep an eye on your car, relatives or children, there is a spy camera to blend into any environment. Some of the best-performing spy cameras can be hidden in plain sight. An average spy camera is painfully obvious, usually sticking out in a black casing on a wall or building corner. A hidden or disguised spy camera can allow you to collect footage most discretely, as subjects will not know they are being filmed. Online Spy Shop provides a variety of unusual spy cameras which will quickly blend into any surroundings.

Key Fob Camera HD Pro with WiFi

This tiny yet powerful hidden camera can help provide security and a sense of safety whilst on the go. With newly integrated WiFi technology, the Key Fob Camera HD Pro with WiFi allows you to access footage remotely from your mobile phone. This device offers 1080p playback, helping you obtain crucial high-quality video evidence. The key fob's camera is cleverly fitted at the front edge of the device, making filming much easier as you naturally hold the fob in your hand.

Spy Watch Camera

A spy camera disguised within a watch can be great for capturing footage in risky situations. With a watch commonly worn without suspicion, this device would draw little attention, not looking out of place or unusual when working day to day. This particular device captures HD colour footage with special settings for motion detection and picture snapshot. This more affordable tech is perfect for someone just getting into the world of spyware and personal security.

Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera

A spy camera becomes even more useful when it can be used for nighttime surveillance and during the day. On the outside, this device looks like an innocent music speaker, while it is a powerful surveillance camera. With the battery lasting up to 90 days on one charge, this camera can be plugged in and left to do its thing whilst you go about your day. This device has night vision, motion activation and real-time alert functions, which can be useful 24/7. If you are a frequent traveller and often have anxiety when leaving your home for extended periods, using this device, you can check in on your home whenever you feel like it, using remote viewing through your mobile phone.

Mini Digital Thermo Clock Recorder

If you are looking for a spy camera that is just about impossible to find, look no further than this Mini Digital Thermo Clock Recorder. With a digital PCD real-time thermometer display, this handy little device completely blends into its surroundings, looking like an ordinary clock. This device could be placed by a door or office, and you would never realise an eyebrow due to its subtle look and authenticity. This device has an impressive 9 days battery life, with a standby time and four hours of recording time.