Top Apps For Formula One Fans

Here's how to stay on the inside track and keep up-to-date with all the latest news, gossip and stats.

Official F1 App

Why not get all the news from the horse's mouth? This is a comprehensive, user-friendly app for mobiles and tablets. As well as news stories throughout the season, this app brings you the most detailed statistics possible - with leaderboards, lap times and drivers' performances analysed in exhausting detail. When you sign in, you also get live updates on tyre information, plus all sorts of vital info from the trackside. Our verdict: Essential.

Formula Legend

Certainly not official, but inspired by F1, this is an addictive racing strategy game highly rated by Google Play and iStore users. You run your own virtual driving team, planning your strategy throughout the Grand Prix season. See if you can work your way to the front of the grid. Our verdict: We can't stop playing!

BBC Sport

With the BBC's Sports app, you can access all their news reports and statistics and watch racing coverage - live or via catch-up. You can also set up alerts to be published on your home screen to ensure you're never out of the loop. Our verdict: Classic and reliable.

Sky Sports

Like the BBC app, this is a very comprehensive news resource with the best videos, pictures and race updates. Link up to a Sky or Virgin Media subscription, or choose to pay monthly through your iTunes account. Our verdict: Fantastic for sports fanatics.

F1 Challenge

Another excellent free app from the official F1 team. This is a racing game where you can take on some of the best drivers in Formula One history in believable video simulations of Grand Prix tracks. High energy and full of thrills, you'll learn quite a bit about how challenging these routes are! Our verdict: An adrenaline rush.

GP News

Offering you a one-stop-shop for Formula One news, standings, track conditions and even Tweets. This simple app is easy to navigate and includes a simple feature to allow you to email interesting content to friends. They scan all the news feeds and Twitter accounts for you, so you can rest assured you're not missing anything important - or anything trivial but interesting! Our verdict: Super-handy.

GP Motorsport

Want to impress people with your in-depth knowledge of motorsport? Fancy throwing in some bon mots into the conversation? This is the app for you. Hundreds of classic quotes from the great and good in the sport have been collated here, including the ever-quotable Murray Walker. This app also collates the latest news and tweets; overall, it is a very handy resource. Our verdict: Great for practising impersonations!

Formula Sport

This very simple app features a calendar of race dates and well-realised maps of track circuits. You can also read up on the history of races. It is unofficial but a useful addition to your mobile or tablet.  Android only. Our verdict: Excellent for checking the facts.