The Top 5 Most Unusual Hidden Cameras And Places To Use Them.


The market for hidden spy cameras is ever popular and thanks to the demand for covert surveillance equipment, the types of hidden spy cameras available are getting more and more bizarre.  Hidden spy cameras are no longer just limited to small CCTV systems or tiny cameras hidden in nooks and crannies.  The hidden spy cameras on offer today are quite inspired with recent designs including a tiny camera disguised in a fully functional toothpaste dispenser.  Although a novel concept, filming someone in a bathroom is not the most ethical use of a hidden spy camera and what mischief could someone get up to in a bathroom anyway. Other unusual hidden spy cameras which offer more novelty value than practical value include roll-on deodorant which, although very cunning, can easily be moved about and tidied away leaving you recording the inside of a bathroom cupboard.  Of course, we can build these on demand although as mentioned above from a moral point, we don't see the need. At the Online Spy Shop we have a huge range of hidden spy cameras which are practical and cunningly disguised.  We check out the best on offer below...

The Air Freshener

No one likes a fume filled room so air fresheners are a popular choice for keeping the home smelling nice.  The common use of air fresheners makes them the perfect disguise for a hidden camera.  The hidden wireless camera air freshener is portable so you can place it wherever you like in your home or even at the office.  This hidden spy camera is also remote controlled so you won’t arouse any suspicion by constantly fiddling with the air freshener! Lady’s Handbag If you’re a lady on a mission to discover the truth then you could arm yourself with a hidden spy camera disguised in a handbag.  All ladies use handbags so if you’re out to catch your man cheating or want to catch someone in the office or at a meeting up to no good, then your intentions can stay undercover with this spy camera handbag.  As it’s fully portable you can take it into any situation and look completely natural.  You can even use this around the home to monitor your house while you’re out by switching to motion detection.

The Brooch

Is it a stunning fashion accessory or is it a hidden spy camera documenting a suspects every move?  Using the smart hidden spy camera brooch in formal situations such as meetings or even confronting a spouse you can record the evidence of any confessions!

The Pot Pourri Camera

Just like the air freshener, the hidden wireless camera pot pourri is one of the most natural disguises for capturing wrong doings in the home or office.  The pot pourri gives off a lovely smelling odour and can be moved into any room or space in the home or office thanks to the wireless technology. The Book Who would suspect a very ordinary looking book as a hidden spy camera?  Not many people would think that one of the books in a regular bookcase is not what it seems.  The hidden spy camera book is the perfect way to ensure your house is being monitored while you’re out. Now we’ve looked at some clever spy cameras available, we take a look at the most innovative uses for spy cameras...

Nursing homes

–if you’re worried about how an elderly relative is being treated while they’re in a care home then you can set your mind at rest by leaving a subtle hidden camera to keep you informed.

A holiday home

Owning a holiday home is a dream for most people as you can escape for a weekend away whenever you fancy it.  If you’re worried about your empty holiday home being a target for vandalism or squatters then install a couple of hidden cameras to keep an eye on things.  You could even put a sign up to inform potential intruders that your home is being monitored by hidden cameras.

Play rooms

–You can’t be with your children every minute of the day so if they have their own play room in the house, install a hidden camera to keep an eye on them while you’re in other areas of the home.

Out buildings

– farm buildings, garages, and sheds are vulnerable to burglars as they’re usually outside the security system of the main house.  Invest in some hidden cameras to check that no one is intruding into your out buildings or vandalizing your property.

House staff

– if you employ staff such as a nanny, chef or cleaner to help you run your home then you could be placing a lot of trust in someone you don’t know very well.  At the start of their employment with you it may give you peace of mind to monitor what they get up to particularly when you’re not home. For more inspiration about where to hide hidden spy cameras then check out TV programmes such as Big Brother, Trigger Happy TV and the Real Hustle which rely on hidden cameras for the shows to work and have some innovative ideas for disguising covert activity. To invest in your own hidden spy camera check out our selection of wired and wireless hidden cameras at the Online Spy Shop.