Tools To Recover Deleted Data

It is no secret we take a working computer, phone or hard drive for granted. Whether you are a student, writer, or just a frequent computer user, losing data from your computer can be incredibly stressful. Our computers contain essential work, personal documents, photographs, and other sentimental notes. No matter how expensive your system is, computers can quickly crash, corrupt or acquire a virus which erases data. Dropping your laptop and causing physical damage can also prevent us from having access to our data. If you find yourself in this sticky situation, there is a possibility you can get your information back using the right tools.

Data Recovery USB

If your device is still in working condition but may have crashed or suffered from randomly erased data, a recovery USB stick can help you retrieve what you need. The best thing about data recovery sticks is how easy they are to use. They require no software and no account set up, plug it in and watch all your important data return. A recovery stick can return just about anything; photos, media, documents and videos can all be recovered using this device. Easily combating technological errors. A data recovery pen drive can be useful when dealing with human error.

It is a well-known fact that our computer recycling bin never really empties, the contents of which could be important for you to know. As this device gives quick access to deleted files, it can come in handy when you accidentally delete a document you now need or allow you to track information that other users have deleted on your computer. What’s more, once this device is purchased, it has unlimited uses, meaning you get a better bang for your buck.

iPhone/ iPad Forensic Recovery

With our smartphones being the most important, most used pieces of tech we own, losing smartphone data can be very upsetting. Not only do handsets hold important personal data, but they also include bank passwords, account details and lots of private information. Recover your photos, emails and text messages using forensic recovery software. Installed into your computer, the software can quickly recover any lost mobile data at the click of a button. The software is super user-friendly and straightforward, letting you get your data back and get on with everyday life.

Recovery software can be used with iCloud recovery or iTunes for more in-depth data retrieval. Similar to USBs which offer data recovery, once purchased, this software lasts a lifetime, meaning you can rely on it when data of value goes missing. The process is also not just user-friendly; it's also super fast, with the average recovery process taking only 20 minutes.