A hidden surveillance camera discreetly positioned beside a wooden picture frame and a vase, blending seamlessly with the home decor for unobtrusive monitoring.

Hidden cameras can have a variety of uses in your home outside of the obvious. It is easy to brush hidden cameras off as secretive, nefarious devices used to spy on people when they can be super helpful in day-to-day life. Below we have outlined 10 hidden cameras and their variety of uses.

Teddy Camera

A teddy camera can be a very handy gadget for watching children during the day and at night. When out at work, it can be extremely comforting to check your children are ok and are being looked after. If you have childminders coming in and out of your home during the day, a hidden camera can help you see your little ones are safe and haven’t been left alone.

Desk Clock Night Vision Camera

A night vision camera placed in your bedroom could have a variety of uses. If you or your partner is an avid sleepwalker, a night vision desk clock camera on your bedside could help map any movements you make during sleep. A night vision camera in your bedroom can also help capture any burglars sneaking into your home at night.

Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

A camera hidden within an iPhone charging port could be used in any space within your home. This hidden camera could be placed in your kitchen, study, or bedroom and wouldn’t look out of place. As no one would question why a phone charger was in a certain room, you will be able to watch people’s genuine actions as they believe no one is watching.

Outdoor Night Vision Camera

A night vision camera could be a super fun addition to your garden if you have outdoor space. An outdoor night vision camera can collect some pretty interesting footage of your garden during the night. An outdoor night vision camera is for you if you want to see what animals come and go in the night, alongside capturing footage of any suspicious activity around your home.

Spy Pen Camera

A spy pen camera is perfect for a desk or study. A pen is part and parcel of a workspace; it will never look out of place or seem suspicious to a passerby. A spy pen can be left on a desk, in the bedroom, or in a front pocket while out and about.

Smoke Alarm Spy Camera

A smoke alarm spy camera provides a unique vantage point for viewing. It gives you an aerial view of any space, providing a wider angle of vision than most other spy cameras. If you are frequently on holiday or away from home, a smoke alarm spy camera could be useful for quick check-ins of your space.

Spy Watch Camera

A spy watch camera can be very useful throughout everyday life, providing an extra set of eyes on the go. A spy watch records your surroundings with minimal effort and can also record in HD and night vision mode.

Body Worn Cameras

Security professionals mostly use body-worn cameras, capturing real-time footage of those around them. In case of a mugging or burglary, wearing a body camera can capture vital footage of attackers. This footage could be extremely useful in court.

Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera

A Bluetooth speaker camera functions as a speaker and camera. This device is very useful as it is portable; you can bring it wherever possible. This spy camera helps ensure you stay safe outdoors, alongside letting you monitor the wildlife around you.

Digital Alarm Clock Spy Camera

A digital alarm clock camera could be used in the bedroom, as it has utility and function. If you have elderly parents or grandparents to look after, a digital alarm clock camera could be useful in ensuring they are safe when you are not home. This can be especially useful if carers come in and out of your home.