The Best Of British Spy Equipment

British engineering has always been synonymous with quality. Flying the Union Jack or Union Flag - the national flag of the United Kingdom (the kingdoms of England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland) is a jewel in the crown needing no justification or explanation. Displaying British colours shows the world a sign of pride and success, and products or services offered by the best British give people assurance, reliability and performance.

Surveillance products offered by Online Spy Shop are very high-quality; most are British-made and are in demand by professionals and companies looking for spy equipment to enhance their company and brand. Unsurprisingly, we have, over 15 years of trading, networked with wonderfully talented people within the intelligence field, some with whom we regularly work to custom-build some amazing spy products for the commercial market.

Our reputation for excellent British-made products attracts big TV networks, including our donations of the Atom Magnetic Voice Activation Recorder to Sky One's The Heist and our Spark Magnetic GSM Audio Listening Bug to Channel 4's Celebrity Hunted of which both products came in very useful to the teams and provided astonishing results when deployed in various locations.

Custom-build products

We have an excellent range of custom-built British-made products on our website and have also previously supplied many clients with 'one-off' requirements. Below, we have chosen a British-designed product that has proven very popular and highly useful for gathering video and audio evidence.

One of our bestsellers and flagship products is a functional DAB Radio with WiFi Spy Camera in a black or white colour to grace any indoor room environment. Use the radio to listen to your fave music and talk stations, but also have peace of mind and security with 24/7 remote video surveillance of your property. The DAB Radio is professionally fitted with an HD 1080P colour resolution WiFi camera with a sensitive microphone and an optional backup battery that maintains power to the camera for up to 12 hours even when the radio is disconnected.

How does it work?

Firstly, when opening the box, you may think you've received a normal radio - certainly, by close visual inspection, there is nothing out of the ordinary. Plug the radio into a working power socket in a room you wish to monitor from your smartphone, and then tune your favourite radio and music channels. Next, download the FREE iOS / Android smartphone app from the Apple / Google Play Store. The smartphone app allows the HD internet camera (built into the radio) to connect with the smartphone app so you can view live footage, record, and receive push notifications whenever there is movement - and the best part is, once the easy setup has been completed, you will have full control of the radio from your smartphone and from anywhere in the world.

The smartphone app does everything for you and thoughtfully guides you through the setup process. Even the most technophobe of people should be up and running within 5 minutes after opening the box.

Why would I need a WiFi Radio?

If you are looking for a discreet CCTV camera system for your home or workstation that is portable and can blend into most room environments as a stunning functional DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radio, this product would be a wise investment. Due to the professional build, it is almost impossible to see the internet camera and the other functional aspects, including the reset button and optional backup battery.

General uses include:

  • Security of your premises.
  • Check on your pet's welfare.
  • Check on your children's welfare.
  • Peace of mind that your elderly parents are safe at home or while in a care home.
  • Know that your office or hotel room remains unattended while you are absent.
  • Catch a cheating partner.

The WiFi radio can look through a window/glass during the day, so you can be notified and know who enters your property or driveway. Please note the camera cannot see through window/glass during twilight hours due to the reflective pane at night.

It would be a fair assessment to say this radio is one of our flagship WiFi surveillance cameras, and the craft is unsurpassed and reflects the British standards expected by the most demanding clients.

Why choose us?

A three-stage conformity checklist is adhered to for British-built products designed in the workshop.

Stage One: PCB Hook-Up
The PCB is placed on an Anti-Electromagnetic Surface, and using Anti Magnetic tools, the PCB is hooked-up to a computer for full software and hardware evaluation. The evaluation confirms whether the PCB is working in its entirety.

Stage Two: Component Testing
The PCB is further tested with the attached components, such as microphone connectors and wiring looms. This stage ensures that the PCB with added components works correctly and safely.

Stage Three: Product Sign Off
At the product build stage, it is hooked up to a charging evaluation board to ensure the charger provided, the PCB and the battery fully conform to British Standards. Power is applied, and the product is tested in its operation phase to ensure that relevant code, SMS, and other parameters, such as voice activation and motion detection, function correctly. The enclosure is checked, the magnetic base is tested (if applied), and the product is tested again while being magnetised to ensure the base does not conflict with the working operation.

The workshop keeps a template of each custom-built product referred to upon the next build, negating errors and ensuring each hand-built product is identical.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch with us, and we will happily work towards a logical and effective solution for your needs.