Surveillance and security cameras constantly work in the background to keep us safe in public and private spaces. Security cameras or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are independent systems that capture footage, transferring data to a recording unit through cables or wires. A surveillance camera is slightly different, working in line with other security systems to monitor public spaces like retail units, restaurants, etc. Security cameras are suited much better for domestic or personal use, whereas surveillance cameras are used for public spheres.

Surveillance Cameras

The use of surveillance cameras has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Nowadays, it is very rare for a shop or business not to have surveillance set up. More so, commercial insurance providers often require the business to have a surveillance system in place if they wish to claim. The wide use of surveillance cameras is not surprising, as they can help catch burglars and deter those who are even thinking about attempting a break-in.

To damage or break a surveillance camera, you first have to get close enough for it to be able to capture your image, causing a lot of hassle for thieves. Furthermore, on the whole, surveillance cameras are quite cost-effective. Whilst there is an initial cost, as there is with any purchase, they can prevent your business from having to cover expenses of stolen merchandise or damaged property, so they are well worth the investment.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must-have piece of equipment for the modern home. CCTV cameras help detect, capture and identify unwanted visitors within your home. Most home security systems come complete with remote viewing. Download an app onto your phone, laptop, or tablet, and have access to your space wherever you are in the world. Motion censoring cameras could be best suited to your home to prevent storing hours and hours of useless footage.

These cameras begin recording when they detect movement, alongside sending a pre-defined push notification to your mobile phone. This means you are only alerted when you need to be. Security cameras are a great asset to have when away on holiday. Quickly checking everything is for your return home can let you relax and enjoy your time away. As security cameras are primarily for domestic and personal use, they are much less costly than surveillance cameras which need to be more heavy-duty.

If you wish to only keep an eye on one room of your house or your back garden, you can buy singular security cameras, which are very affordable. These portable, hidden security cameras are much more user-friendly and require no installation or fixing to walls, suiting rental properties.