Spy Gadgets You Can Buy In Real Life

If you want to increase your personal security or pretend you are the star of a spy movie, we have the gadgets for you. Personal security products have soared in popularity recently as technology traditionally reserved for private investigators or professional spies has become available to the masses. This new market of personal security items has grown exponentially over time as people take their personal security into their own hands.

Spy Cameras

A must-have entry-level piece of spy equipment is a security camera. This equipment provides 24/7 access to your space, regardless of location. Modern security cameras now come with remote viewing software, which can be downloaded onto your laptop, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to see your space no matter where you are. This will enable you to check in on your home whilst you are out at work or when you are on holiday, meaning you don’t arrive home to any nasty surprises. Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. From Online Spy Shop, you can purchase traditional security cameras indoors and outdoors, alongside spy cameras which are encased in everyday objects. A spy camera can be hidden inside a pen, clock or teddy, allowing you a unique vantage point for remote viewing.

Bug Detectors

For those who consider themselves paranoid holiday goers, a counter-surveillance bug-detecting device can provide unparalleled peace of mind. With the rise of Airbnbs and staying in other people’s homes whilst travelling for work or a holiday, being able to scan a room for bugs can help put a traveller's mind at ease. In recent years, disturbing stories of Airbnb users finding bugs in their rooms have become more common. Using a bug-detecting device, you can quickly scan your room for any unwanted pieces of tech. A bug-detecting device is much more efficient than a manual search which can take hours. With spy cameras becoming smaller and smaller, they can be hidden in lights, plug sockets in walls and so on. An effective manual search for a bug could take hours, whereas using a detecting device takes minutes.

GPS Trackers

Another essential piece of the spy kit is the GPS tracker. Hidden into your car, bag or any object, a GPS tracker allows you to know the whereabouts of an object or person 24/7. Similar to the security camera, using phone or tablet software, you can remotely view the location of what you are tracking no matter where you are. Modern GPS trackers also have the useful ability to geofence. A geofence allows you to set a digital parameter around an item, and if it moves outside of this parameter, you get an instant notification.