Spy Gadgets For The Amateur Sleuth

Welcome to a world of spy gadgets galore, a place many never knew existed but wish they did! From amateur sleuth to seasoned professional, we highlight some trending spy equipment guaranteed to help you gather video and audio for rock-solid evidence presentation.

WiFi Socket Lead

This Socket Lead is a smart way to monitor your indoor environment. Just plug it in, and you can stream live video footage and clear audio straight to your smartphone, no matter where you are. It's perfect for keeping an eye on your home, office, or hotel room. You can even enable motion-activated recording and receive push notifications when the camera detects movement. Playback the footage and download files with a time and date stamp for easy reference. Our signature camouflaged lens is made with the highest workmanship, and the lead is easy to set up and operate, proudly manufactured in Britain.

Air Freshener DVR Recorder

Looking for a discreet yet effective way to keep an eye on your home or loved ones? Look no further than this Air Freshener, which doubles as a motion-activated surveillance camera. You can rest easy knowing you have the option to gather video evidence of any suspicious behaviour or check in on the well-being of your elderly parents. With its rechargeable battery, the camera can last up to 90 days on standby and record footage in super-clear 2K HD resolution, complete with audio and a time and date stamp. Plus, you can easily view and download the files to your computer using a removable SD card.

The most popular reason for deploying a WiFi or DVR camera recorder is to gather evidence of suspicious or illegal activity. Still, they can also be used for various other helpful purposes, such as home security, particularly when the owners are away or for monitoring the safety of elderly parents who may require assistance or supervision. Other uses include keeping an eye on pets, checking in on employees or workspaces, and preventing theft by providing an added layer of security to your property and assets while you are away.

Pulsar Axion XM30F Thermal Monocular

Experience the ultimate night vision with the all-new Pulsar Axion XM30F! This ultra-compact monocular packs a serious punch with a 12-micron sensor that delivers crisp, clear thermal imaging. And with a high-contrast frost-resistant AMOLED display and improved colour rendering, you'll get a sharp, smooth image no matter the weather conditions. But that's not all – the XM30F can detect objects up to 1300 meters away, and its rugged magnesium alloy housing is lightweight yet tough, protecting the internal components from any shocks, drops, cold, heat, or moisture. And with integrated video and still image recording capabilities, including Stream Vision 2 connectivity, you'll never miss a once-in-a-lifetime moment again. Get ready to see the night in a new way with the Pulsar Axion XM30F!

Using night vision goggles around your property can have some benefits, depending on your specific situation and needs. The most popular uses are for general security; if you are concerned about potential intruders or burglars on your property, night vision goggles can help you see and identify any suspicious activity in low-light or complete darkness. For wildlife observations in rural areas, you may be interested in observing nocturnal animals such as deer, foxes, or raccoons.

Night vision goggles allow you to see these animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them with bright lights. Night vision is also excellent for search and rescue if you live in an area with difficult terrain or frequently go on outdoor adventures. They can help you navigate the darkness and locate missing persons or lost items. Last but not least, night vision provides excellent capabilities to monitor a subject or property for surveillance observations at a distance.

Voice Activated USB Charger Recorder

Introducing the ultimate USB Charger Plug – with a twist! This clever device has a digital voice recording mechanism that captures everything in your indoor room environment. This handy tool has you covered whether you want to keep an ear out for disputes, verbal slander, or bullying. With no batteries or recharging, you can record continuously for up to 14 days (344 hours!). And with each separate audio file time and date stamped for easy reference, you'll never miss a thing. Plus, with a microphone capable of monitoring sound levels up to 25 feet away, this USB Charger Plug is a must-have for anyone looking to gather evidence. And the best part? The closed design means you'll never have to open it to access your files.

With easy pre-setting, recording mode adjustment, and microphone sensitivity control via the supplied Windows and Mac software, this tool is perfect for all your audio surveillance needs.

There are several reasons why you should use a voice recorder. Record meetings, particularly if you need to refer back to the conversation later. It can also help you capture the discussion details more accurately than handwritten notes. Record lectures or presentations for students who want to record in class, allowing them to review the material at a later time. Take dictation notes rather than writing them out by hand. This can be particularly useful if you're on the go and don't have time to stop and write down your thoughts.

Interviews for journalists or researchers help them capture the conversation fully and refer back to it later as needed. Memos can be used to record reminders or memos to yourself, such as a list of tasks you need to complete or an idea you don't want to forget. Overall, a voice recorder can be useful for capturing information or ideas, particularly if you prefer speaking to writing or need to refer back to the conversation later.

Magnetic Live Prime Tracker

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your loved ones or valuable possessions? The Tracker Prime has got you covered! This small and convenient tracking device lets you watch LIVE street-by-street turns on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with fast, 5-second updates. It works out of the box throughout the UK, EU, and most countries worldwide, so you can keep an eye on your belongings no matter where you are. With a battery life of 7-10 days per charge and an in-built motion sensor that conserves battery usage when the device isn't moving, you'll never have to worry about losing track of what matters most. Plus, you'll have all the information you need with a secure tracking console that includes Geo-fencing and the ability to view and download full journey routes with a time and date stamp.

And for added safety, elderly persons and lone workers can press the SOS/Panic button to alert family members or colleagues. For even faster deployment to metal surfaces, consider the optional magnetic case. Stay in control with Tracker Prime!

Uses for a GPS tracker can help you track the location of your car in case it is stolen or goes missing. This can increase the chances of recovering your vehicle and help law enforcement in their investigations. Suppose you own a fleet management business that uses multiple vehicles. In that case, a GPS tracker can help you monitor the location and performance of each vehicle, allowing you to optimise routes and fuel efficiency to ensure drivers adhere to schedules and company policies.

Other uses include teen or elderly driver monitoring to help you understand their driving habits and ensure they drive safely. Trackers can help with business mileage to help you track your mileage, making it easier to report your business expenses for tax purposes. Suppose you frequently travel alone or to unfamiliar locations. In that case, a GPS tracker can aid your personal safety by allowing you to share your location with friends or family members who can monitor your movements and come to your aid in an emergency.

iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Phone Recorder

Have you ever wished you could record phone calls on your smartphone without any beeps that would alert the other person? Look no further than the Call Recorder! This device is an easy and effective way to record incoming and outgoing calls, and the audio recordings are super clear. With the ability to record calls at the beginning or midway through a call, and even with popular VOIP apps like Signal and Whatsapp, you'll never miss an important conversation again. And each call is stamped with a time and date for evidence, so you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Pair your smartphone with the Call Recorder using Bluetooth technology - it's fast and convenient. You can even use the Call Recorder as a high-quality digital voice recorder for a room or vehicle or tuck it in your shirt pocket. When you're ready to listen to your recordings, play them back through the device's built-in speaker or transfer them to your computer. With the Call Recorder, you'll always be in control!

Digital audio voice recorders have many positive uses; for example, if you are involved in a legal dispute or need to prove the details of a conversation, recording your phone calls can provide valuable evidence to support your case. Recording your personal and business phone calls can ensure that you have an accurate record of the conversation, including important details or agreements that may be difficult to recall later, or if you work in a field where phone calls are a regular part of your job, such as sales or customer service, recording calls can be a valuable tool for training and quality control purposes.

Journalists will use a voice recorder to capture quotes and ensure the accuracy of their reporting. Likewise, for personal use, if you have an important or emotional conversation with a friend or family member, recording the call can allow you to relive the conversation later or to share it with others who were not present.