Spy Cameras For Pets. What Goes On When You Leave The House?

WiFi Spy Cameras and 4G Cameras are ideal for many situations in the home and office, not least to keep an eye on your loved pets while you are out or at work. Leaving a cat or dog unattended for over 8 hours a day while you are at work or in the care of a relative or pet sitter is imperative for you to know they are comfortable and in safe hands. So how can you know they are being looked after properly? Fitting a surveillance camera will give you peace of mind.

A real-life example

The following is a situation we found ourselves in as a family during the sale of our house and while waiting for the chain to complete on our new home. We were unable to find temporary accommodation because we are pet owners. It appears most house rentals do not accept pets; however, after scrambling to find accommodation to accept pets or risking losing the sale of our house and collapsing the chain - at the 11th hour, we found a chalet on a local working farm.

These temporary new surroundings and our work commitments meant our pet cockapoo dog was left alone in a strange environment. Not willing to take any risks with her welfare, we installed a small battery-powered WiFi camera to remotely view the room environment on a smartphone while at work. This gave us peace of mind knowing our pet was safe and calm while we were not there.

The surveillance camera proved its worth when the farm owner agreed to a small fee for one of his workers to walk our pet dog daily. On the first evening back from work, we noticed her coat and paws were very clean and not dirty, as expected from exercise on a farm that kept horses and livestock.

Before leaving for work the following morning, the camera was placed between layers of clothing on a chair and enabled to send a push notification to our smartphone when movement was detected. That mid-morning, we received a movement notification and eagerly logged into the camera. As suspected, our pet dog did not receive any exercise, and the worker had only come into the chalet to check she was OK.

The hidden camera proved invaluable by giving us peace of mind that our pet dog was calm when we were absent, but it also proved the dishonesty of the worker because she was not getting the exercise that was promised while we were not there.

Covert Cameras for peace of mind

At Online Spy Shop, we offer a small range of WiFi and Spy Cameras that can be powered by mains or batteries to provide excellent overwatch in the pet sitter scenario.  We have chosen three devices that are highly recommended.

Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

This functional USB Mains Charger operates both as a charger and surveillance camera once connected to a mains power socket.  The camera is purposely fitted to point slightly upwards by 15 degrees to allow the viewing angle to capture relevant footage rather than filming at the floor level.  At any time, you can log in to the smartphone app and view real-time footage and if you can’t check all the time, the camera will send push notifications to your phone when motion is detected.  Optionally, footage can be stored on a Micro SD card with a time and date.

Mains USB Charger GSM Spy Camera

This is similar to the above product in terms of remote video monitoring with the advantage the camera does not require connecting to a home or office WiFi network.  Instead, the USB Charger accepts any SIM card with 4G data and then streams live footage to your smartphone via the USB Charger’s SIM card.  This is ideal for use in rooms or outbuildings where WiFi is poor or lacks WiFi.

Micro HD Black Box Recorder

This little black box has its internal battery and can be placed on a shelf or hidden amongst clothing, as in our real-life example above.  The camera will record activity in high-definition 1080P resolution when motion is detected. Then, save the footage to a removable Micro SD card so you can review the footage on a Windows or Mac computer when you return.  As with the above products, a time and date are accompanied.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss further information on any of our fantastic range of remote viewing cameras.  Surveillance for pets can help prevent your animals from receiving inadequate care when you are not around and help stop behaviour problems from arising, which you would otherwise not be aware of.