People commonly associate spy cameras with deviousness and covert operations when they can actually be used for a variety of reasons outside of the obvious. As long as you are using a spy camera in good faith, there is no limit to the ways it can be used. Spy cameras can operate as an extra set of eyes wherever you need them, which can be very useful throughout life. As spy cameras can blend into numerous surroundings, this can be incredibly useful in capturing a true version of events that cannot be captured by normal, visible security cameras.

A studying aid 

Unexpectedly, spy cameras can be great study aids for those undergoing exams or further studies. With a lot of teaching moving online and resources commonly being uploaded to school portals for students to revisit, spy cameras can let you easily record your lecture to watch later. Simply choose a camera hidden within a wristwatch, pen, or pencil, and you are good to go! This logic applies to the workplace. If you wish to record a meeting or presentation to revisit later, a spy camera can discreetly record it with a simple push of a button. Depending on your learning style, it can be very helpful to be able to pause, rewind and replay seminars or meetings. 

Wildlife and garden watching

One of the most obvious domestic uses for a spy camera is garden and wildlife watching. Simply set up your outdoor security camera, disguised in your garden, and watch the coming and going of animals, bugs, and other wildlife. Hidden cameras disguised as rocks would be best for outdoor use, as they draw little attention and wouldn’t disturb any animals. Whilst a spy camera keeps an eye on any neighbourhood cats or dogs trampling your flower beds, it can also keep watch for intruders simultaneously. Outdoor spy cameras can also be used to create interesting time-lapses, which quickly show the transition from day to night, and how gardens change with the light. This can be very interesting to watch, whilst teaching you a little more about your garden and its inhabitants.  

Keep an eye on pets and pests

If you have a furry friend who usually stays indoors during the day, a spy camera can let you keep an eye on them when you are away. If you train a new pet, arriving home after work to ripped up sofa cushions or a messy floor is the worst nightmare for any pet owner. A spy camera will let you monitor your pet's behaviour throughout the day, spotting anything he particularly likes to chew. You can also keep an eye out for unwanted pests via spy cameras, like mice, rats, and other rodents. If you begin noticing mice in your backyard, it is probably a good time to begin setting traps and preemptively checking that your doors and entryways are properly sealed.