Not A Techie? 4 Of The Best 'Ready To Use' Spy Gadgets - No Technical Skill Required!

Spy gadgets are undoubtedly cool, and technology is advancing rapidly – leading to exciting new devices being launched all the time. But do you need to have the technical know-how and heaps of special equipment in order to use them? Not necessarily.

Here are four fantastic Spy Gadgets that are ready to use right out of the box

1. Spy Glasses

When it comes to 007-style spy gadgets, these Glasses with a Built-in Hidden Spy Camera are a clear winner. There’s literally no technical skill required, as all you have to do is pop the glasses on and hit the ‘on/off’ button to start and stop recording. All footage is stored automatically on a removable SD card hidden within the frame.

These spy glasses offer a fully hands-free way to record at eye level, using natural movement to capture every angle. If you want to film something, all you need to do is turn your head to look at it – what could be easier? There’s a built-in, fully rechargeable battery and HD video recording, and the pinhole camera is virtually impossible to detect. Even cooler, these spy glasses also come in a sunglasses style, with dark lenses to disguise what you’re looking at.

2. AC Plug Spy Camera

This AC Power Plug with Spy Camera is the perfect example of ‘straight out of the box’ technology. You plug in this device – a powerful spy camera disguised as a perfectly ordinary AC plug – and start recording. The device will detect motion and automatically start recording in razor-sharp 1080P video, and you can even check in live. Download a free app from the iTunes or Google Play Store, and you can see real-time footage from wherever you are in the world. You can even hit ‘record’ to store footage as you’re watching it.

3. SMS Tiny GPS Tracker

If you need to start tracking a vehicle or something else at a moment’s notice, make sure you have one of these handy gadgets in your pocket. The SMS Tiny Tracker has a magnetic cover so that you can pop it onto a suitable surface, and you’re ready to start tracking. It works straight out of the box, requiring no wires or software. All you need is a smartphone. You call the SIM card number of the tracker (supplied), and it’ll text back with its exact location. It’s as simple as that, but you can also open a link for a full-colour street-level map if needed.

4. Air Freshener Voice Recorder

If you want a low-maintenance voice recording gadget, choose this one. It’s easy to set up, and you’ll only need a USB cable and a laptop to access footage and recharge it. The Air Freshener Voice Recorder has an enormous standby time of 12 months, only turning on to record when someone speaks within its range. This means you don’t have to charge it, or even check it if you don’t need to, for a long time. Even better, it looks and smells like a real air freshener, so no one will ever suspect the spy equipment hidden inside.