Smartphone displaying 'No signal' with a WiFi icon, held by a hand indoors.

WiFi security cameras offer high-quality, user-friendly monitoring of homes and workplaces, with the added bonus that you can check in on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

But what if you’re filming somewhere where WiFi isn’t available or the signal drops out? The brand-new Ghost WiFi Spy Camera has a clever trick up its sleeve to ensure that filming is never interrupted. Let’s take a closer look.

Record with a portable MiFi dongle

Not all CCTV security cameras can connect to a MiFi dongle, which is a portable mobile broadband connection you can take anywhere. But this unique feature, available with the Ghost WiFi Spy Camera, is incredibly handy.

Say you plan to set up a camera to monitor an outbuilding of your home or business where there’s either no WiFi or the signal doesn’t reach that far. This is a common problem in rural areas but also affects larger properties with WiFi ‘blackspots’. You’ll also need a better solution if you’re currently having issues with the reliability of your broadband connection.

By connecting a MiFi dongle to your camera, you can be confident that there will always be a strong signal. You’ll still be able to check in on things using the free app on your smartphone. You’ll always get real-time footage, and you can even receive push notifications when motion is detected on the camera.

What else can the Ghost WiFi Spy Camera do?

As well as being able to record virtually anywhere, the Ghost WiFi Spy Camera is also remarkably discreet. In fact, it’s minuscule. The body of the DVR is extremely compact and magnetised – so you can pop it behind a filing cabinet, under metal shelving or wherever else you like. But this isn’t where the recording happens.

The actual camera is fitted at the end of a 12cm flexible ribbon, which can be discreetly placed virtually anywhere to film unnoticed. This may be small, but it hides a powerful high-definition, low-light camera. This delivers an adjustable 480 to 1080P HD video resolution, so your images will be crystal clear.

You can hide the DVR system away (in the bottom of a plant pot or in the base of a lamp, for example) so that only the ribbon camera is peeking out. You can even hide the whole system within an item of clothing. It’s portable, covert and highly effective.

Other impressive features of the Ghost WiFi Spy Camera include the following:

  • * Motion detection.
  • * Scheduled and manual recording modes.
  • * Hidden SSID – the device will not display its SSID network name when connected to a WiFi network.
  • * Internal fully rechargeable battery offers 4 hours of operational use – plus an extra 24 hours when an optional iSmart power bank is connected.
  • * 90-degree field of view camera.

Last but by no means least, the Ghost spy camera is incredibly easy to set up. You can take it out of the box and start recording in as little as two minutes; no technical skill is required.