Traffic scene through a vehicle tracking camera interface.

Some people are opposed to using GPS vehicle tracking devices to manage their fleets and delivery teams - and they can come up with some odd reasons for this opposition. Maybe you've been trying to convince a sceptical colleague that GPS vehicle trackers are the way to go. Here are the answers to every argument they come up with.

There's no need to invest in GPS tracking; we trust our staff

We're sure your staff are being honest about their movements, but wouldn't you like to have to pinpoint accurate information on their activities? You could use this to drive efficiencies, improve reporting to customers etc. The difference between calling a driver who reports they think they are only 10 minutes away from their destination and knowing they are precisely 20 minutes away (because the GPS knows) adds up on a daily basis. This is the difference between happy, returning customers and ones who walk away because they don't trust you. And therefore, the difference between profit and loss.

Our workers will strike or even leave if we monitor them in this way

Again, it's not about tracking the workforce as people but tracking the jobs they are doing. Although some companies have had problems explaining this to their workforce, most workers are absolutely happy to use GPS tracking systems, just as long as the limitations and uses are clearly laid out by the PR department.

It's all too complicated - a waste of time as well as money!

Putting to one side the cost efficiencies many business reports from using GPS systems, they really are not complicated at all. The commercial programmes and kits are available have been developed specifically for small businesses, with fuss-free "plug and play" settings that are easy to follow. Honestly, it is no more complicated than the photocopier machine or the email system, and nobody argues against them being office essentials.

I don't need it; we're already covered...

Really? Some people do make this bold claim. They will cite their use of mobiles, maybe pagers and, of course, they do have their uses - but they also have their limitations. You'll never get calculations on fuel consumption along a planned journey or constant, real-time updates on the driver's ETA. Add to that how easily mobiles can be damaged or drop out of signal range...why would anyone trust their business has all the information it needs when there's a much better way of doing things?

It is too expensive for us to invest in

GPS systems vary greatly, and so do the prices. At the higher end of the scale, the tracker is built into complex software that uses the data to make useful estimates and predictions, but maybe you don't need all that. If the ability to know where a vehicle is at any given time is all you really need to know, then you should be able to find a package which is affordable and suitable for your needs. Go on; you know GPS is good for you and your business...