A sleek black Mercedes-Benz parked on a cobblestone street, with a scenic cityscape stretching into the distance. The luxury car's prominent emblem and the vibrant urban backdrop suggest a blend of elegance and exploration.

When you drop a lot of cash on a new, top-of-the-range car, you would expect it to come fully equipped with all possible security gadgets. Unfortunately, most experienced criminals can quickly disarm standardised safety mechanisms.

Whilst you may think an expensive car would be quite secure, you would, unfortunately, be wrong. Among the top ten most stolen cars in the UK, 5 of them are Mercedes and BMW models. Range Rovers were also popular with thieves, accounting for over 30% of all stolen vehicles. It is also very hard to miss a new, shiny car, as its looks and design are exactly what can entice car thieves. It is quite likely that your new purchase is sitting, begging to be stolen if you don’t protect it.

Is it becoming easier to break into cars?

As car manufacturers continue to innovate and provide next-level experiences for their customers, car technology becomes more advanced and focused on wireless connectivity; this becomes easier to hack and thus break into. With modern cars moving towards the keyless entry, this has sparked a rise in car thefts, as thieves can jumble signals from your key fob, easily opening your car. Gone are the days when criminals needed a crowbar and tools to break into a car. You can purchase signal-blocking gadgets like a Faraday purse, but they are not as reliable as GPS trackers. If you forget to use your Faraday purse one day, your car will be vulnerable to theft. You can install a subtle GPS tracker and use it for years to come. Most GPS trackers also come with great battery life and signal, so they are very little effort to upkeep.

Installing a tracker in your vehicle will help you quickly find your car before it is no longer retrievable. Organised crime groups target luxury vehicles, knowing they can be quickly sold abroad. Crime groups often had already sold the vehicle before it was stolen to quicken the process and avoid police interference. Within 24 hours of being stolen, your vehicle will most likely be gone. That is why installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle is vital.

The pros of installing a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker will allow you to track your vehicle's location in live time, consistently giving you an accurate location. GPS trackers can be fitted in a glove compartment or under a seat in a discreet location so thieves do not easily spot them. Our GPS trackers offer updates every five seconds, so you will always know where your car is. Modern GPS trackers also are operable from your smartphone, sending address updates of your car’s location to your mobile phone.

Aside from the reduced risk of theft, in general, trackers are very handy devices to have installed in your vehicle. If you have a car accident, a tracker will be able to help emergency services locate you. If you or your family member is on a long journey, installing a GPS tracker can help you feel a bit safer. Installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle can also, in some cases, lower your car insurance cost.