Latest Scores: 5 Top Apps For Football Fans

Football is the UK's leading sport, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of mobile and tablet apps out there for footie fans. Make sure you've added the best ones to your home screen. Football Manager 2015 The hugely popular strategy game, Football Manager, is currently available as a Google Chrome app for free - what a bargain. If you've not played this game before, be warned that it is highly addictive.

You pick a team from Europe's 50 biggest leagues and take over their management of them. It is incredibly realistic and immersive and will make you more sympathetic towards the managers of the top clubs; you'll understand the stress they are under once you've had a go. Forza Football, The latest app from Football Addicts, is an essential app for anyone who considers themselves to be a football fan. They promise the quickest match updates out there! Its key features are based on live scores and updates, as well as opinion sharing. Android and iPad versions are available.

This allows you to:

  • * Set alerts for your teams
  • * Pin matches to follow
  • * Get customised push notifications
  • * Check pre-match line-ups with formations and player photos
  • * Post in and vote on a wide range of polls as part of a vibrant football community

FourFourTwo Mobile and tablet versions of "the world's best-selling football magazine" (that's how they describe themselves) make it so easy for you to keep up to date with the latest stats, gossip and exclusive content. FourFourTwo knows everybody who is anybody in the game, so that's how they are able to provide their readers with top-quality editorial content you simply can't get elsewhere.

On the newly redesigned mobile and tablet sites, you can watch video interviews with world-famous players, download hi-res images and more. Choose to pay for individual issues or pay upfront for a subscription. FootiePubs Are you a "proper" fan? Someone who goes to away games, not one of these part-timers and glory-seekers who sit on their sofa tweeting through matches? Well, if you do travel to support your team, we bet you probably enjoy a drink.. and if so, this is the perfect app for you.

It will locate pubs for you en route to games and guide you in the right direction. The difference between this app and generic "find my nearest" solutions are that it is geared towards fans - so it shouldn't send someone wearing a red scarf into a bar where everyone else is wearing blue. That's the theory, anyway. Football on the TV Back to those of us who follow football from home.

This very handy app collates all TV appearances, per team, for the season, so you never need to miss a game if you plan ahead. They cover all the main British leagues, plus some of the most popular European ones, and they check a wide range of TV channels for game coverage. This is an excellent way to keep on track of when your team's games are being televised and will help you decide whether to watch at home or go down to the pub if it's the "big game".