KeySIM And Online Spy Shop Announce Partnership

KeySIM provides unique and bespoke solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) SIM cards for critical communication and reliable connectivity.

OnlineSpyShop has entered into a strategic partnership with KeySIM

IoT is a term used to describe devices being connected to the internet, such as WiFi cameras, alarms and monitoring systems, smart meters and other home and work appliances etc. In many cases, these devices are connected using a data SIM card. The advantage is that there are no restrictions to distance and no connection to a WiFi network which means a working operation of infinite distance.

KeySIM takes IoT to another level by providing Multi-Network signal coverage to their SIM cards because they can connect to multiple mobile networks rather than just one. For example, in the UK there are four mobile networks - 02, Vodafone, EE and Three - and KeySIM SIM cards can connect to any of these, automatically and effectively using the most appropriate network depending on where the device is located. On many occasions, a multi-network SIM card will be the difference between your device connecting to the internet or not because it will get a signal in places that a single network SIM does not.


Unlike other multi-network providers, KeySIM is a PAYG (Pay As You Go) provider and does not apply contracts or subscriptions so you only pay for the data you use.

You get your very own secure user panel to control your SIM card. You can view your SIM online status, current mobile network and how many megabytes of data each SIM has consumed in real-time. You can instantly turn SIMs OFF and ON again to save money by only paying for days and data consumed.

KeySIM puts network selection back in your hands because your SIM can be instantly steered to your choice of mobile network. With one click you can switch a SIMs mobile network from anywhere in the world, and KeySIM is the first company in the world to provide this capability.

KeySIM is the most commercially advantageous IoT SIM for personal and business use. There are no minimum contracts, no admin fees, and no minimum quantities - you can purchase just one SIM card or a thousand SIM cards.


To be eligible you must be a UK-registered business with a minimum of one year trading history or a public sector organisation. SIM cards are despatched pre-activated and remain activated for 7 days. The SIM will be disconnected when your 500 MB limit is reached and you are under no obligation to continue with the service. To experience KeySIM please contact us at info@onlinespyshop and we will despatch your SIM and email you with secure login details to your online SIM portal.

Please note that these SIM cards are specialist data SIMs and you will need to add our private APN to your hardware settings. This is easy to do and you get top-notch customer support 24 hours / 7 days a week.

We are delighted to have been chosen as the preferred partner and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

More information can be found on the KeySIM website.