Is It Better To Have Indoor Or Outdoor Security Cameras?

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are important in ensuring your home is kept safe. Outdoor security cameras spot intruders or suspicious activity outside your home, potentially identifying a security threat before it becomes a reality. On the other hand, indoor cameras capture wrongdoings happening inside your home. Depending on which vantage point you wish to gain from your home security camera system, indoor or outdoor cameras could be better for you.


One of the obvious differences between indoor and outdoor cameras is the durability of the camera. Outdoor cameras are much more sturdy as they can operate in various weather conditions. Outdoor cameras can withstand rain, moisture, snow, wind and so on. They are also often impact-resistant and dustproof, meaning they can withstand minor bashes, and the lens is not obscured by dust and debris. As outdoor cameras are made to withstand potential tampering or a burglar's attempt at breaking a lens, they are great for areas which may be prone to crime. If you are a shop owner or live in a particularly busy area, outdoor security cameras are a must-have for keeping your home or business safe from intruders.


If you can’t decide where to set up your security cameras, indoor cameras may be the best option. Indoor security cameras, like spy cameras, are easy to move and adjust, ensuring you get the image you need. Spy cameras can also come encased in random household objects like pens or plug sockets, so you can easily move them around depending on the image you wish to capture. Most standard outdoor security cameras must be installed outside your home so they have a less flexible range of motion. Whilst you can purchase outdoor night visions which could come in handy


Luckily both indoor and outdoor security cameras are really easy to access 24/7. Modern security cameras come with the ability to remote view, meaning you can live stream footage from your home or business premises straight to your phone. This means you can have direct access to wherever you want, 24/7. Easy access to security footage can provide peace of mind, especially when travelling or away from home for extended periods.

Motion Detection

Both indoor and outdoor cameras come with motion detection technology. For most people, collecting footage 24/7 can be a waste of space unless there is an imminent issue. Motion detection technology used in outdoor and indoor cameras means the camera only begins recording when movement is detected. This ensures your hard drive is not clogged up with hours and hours of pointless footage.