Cheating partners can tear apart a family, cause undue stress and trauma to children, and, in many cases, lead to innocent parties being financially and economically disadvantaged through no fault of their own.  It's a horrible situation for everyone concerned, even the perpetrator of the infidelity. On the flip side of this coin, unfounded or false accusations of cheating can be equally damaging.  Thats why it's essential to know for sure before making an allegation or challenging a partner you suspect of cheating. We have experienced over many years of listening and understanding our customers that niggling doubts regarding a partner's fidelity can sometimes lead to an emotional self-breakdown. That breakdown of trust can be extremely difficult to rebuild.

Why do partners cheat?

This is the million-dollar question.  You have invested every minute of your relationship into building a solid foundation of trust and love, and you are devoted to the other person and committed with all your heart and mind.  So what drives the other half to look for an extramarital affair?  Many affairs are ignited at work; perhaps the other person has given advances or started to flirt with a colleague. Christmas parties, birthday parties and other social do's play a large factor in igniting affairs, especially when alcohol is introduced.  It could be the case your partner travels for their job and has failed to resist temptation when an opportunity arises.

The smallest spark can ignite a fire.  But one assurance in their mind is they never believe in being caught.  In fact, so assured, many think that confidence eventually overtakes caution, which is an inevitable downfall. Of course, there are many other reasons why cheating in a relationship happens, and this could not be covered here, but now that you have those doubts, what can you do about it?

What are the options?

One of the most common things is to confide in a close friend.  It is very easy for an outsider to give their own opinion on such matters, but it is very different when in that situation.  One persons view may be to end the relationship, and without proof could destroy years of emotional and physical investment that have been built.  Another person's view may be to confront the issue, but this may be deemed premature and could potentially push a cheater further underground.  Whilst another person's view would be to hold back and gather more evidence before making any rash decision which, on reflection, is probably the better choice.

There is no 'expert' in these matters, and caution should be taken before any decision is ruled. In most cases obtaining such evidence so you can think about the next steps moving forward can only be achieved by surveillance of some kind.  Surveillance should not be construed as being invasive or spying.  There are many forms of surveillance, with the majority used in a positive and helpful way.  In the circumstances such as infidelity, using surveillance can be an ideal way of gathering the truth for peace of mind and, in some cases, for closure.

Five questions to ask before investing in surveillance equipment

Is my partner attempting to conceal his or her movements? This is often the first red flag when infidelity is at hand.  Unusual changes to established routines, unnecessary or unexplained trips away, or regular lateness can be telltale signs to watch for.

Is my partner unduly cautious? People who never leave their phone unattended, have unusually long passcodes or get edgy when their correspondence may be accessed may just be naturally protective of their privacy - this is something everyone should respect.  But if this is a new thing, or if it goes against what is consistent with their normal behaviour, it could be an indicator that something is going on.

Has my partner's behaviour changed? When people strive to improve their appearance, invest in new clothes or attempt to make themselves more attractive, it's a positive sign.  Everyone likes to look and feel their best.  But when this happens sporadically, for example, if your partner has started going out regularly with a new friend or colleague and couples this with uncharacteristic attention to their appearance, you may wish to investigate further.

Has my partner started telling fibs? Unusual receipts with unsatisfactory explanations, stories that dont quite add up, or general evasive behaviour and language can point to a number of problems, from depression to someone planning a surprise party for you, but when all obvious explanations are ruled out, it pays to be curious.

Has my sex life died? Sudden or unexplained loss of intimacy can shatter a relationship at the best of times.  There are many sane and perfectly plausible reasons for this, but in many cases, loss of sexual interest can be the result of infidelity.  Be sensitive and considerate when investigating this suspicion.

What to do next

Find out for sure... We carry a range of stock that can prove useful when investigating suspicions of infidelity.  GPS car trackers provide a solid means of establishing patterns of behaviour.  If you own the car, you are legally entitled, in most cases, to fit it with a tracking device. If you need to go beyond establishing whereabouts and suspicious travel patterns to confirm or put to bed any suspicions, body-worn cameras, hidden spy cameras, audio recording equipment and listening devices are often invaluable, especially if infidelity is occurring in your own home. Another alternative would be to consider using the services of a Private Investigator to undertake foot and mobile surveillance.  Please bear in mind that this industry is not regulated; therefore, anybody can officially call himself or herself an investigator.

Choosing a reputable company is an absolute must, so do not rush into this option lightly, but you can be assured many decent companies are available. Online Spy Shop is based in the UK and has over ten years of experience catching a cheating partner. We consider ourselves decent and reputable enough to help you confide and deploy spy equipment to help bring a satisfactory conclusion to sometimes difficult circumstances.