How To Tell If Your Mobile Phone Has Been Hacked

Mobile phones are not only hacked by cyber criminals or someone who intends to steal your data; our mobile phones can be easily accessed by our government, police and so on. Mobile phones and the places phone providers store data (the cloud) are vulnerable to attacks 24/7. With so much of our essential personal data being stored on our phones, it is vital we ensure they are as hack-proof as possible.

Slowed down system

If you notice your phone is running a lot slower than usual, this could be a potential red flag. Whilst our phones naturally deteriorate with wear and tear, if you notice a dramatic drop in handset performance, this could result from a hack. A slower operating system may cause; websites to load very slowly, messages to be slow to send and receive, and apps may also crash regularly or become unresponsive. This will be caused by malware that is using up your phone’s bandwidth or processing power, leaving less power to be used by the phone’s actual processor. A hack compromising your phone’s performance can be quite tricky to spot, especially if you currently own an older phone that may be less reliable than a newer model.

Your phone feels hotter than normal

One quite tactile indicator that your phone may have been hacked is if it is heating up a lot quicker than usual. Phones will regularly heat up during periods of long, intense use, like when playing a game, streaming or watching a movie. If someone else has access to your phone, during light use, you could notice your phone overheating and ‘overworking’ as it tries to process your requests and that of the hackers. If your phone’s battery seems to be draining quickly, this could result from background apps burning through data or a more serious issue.

Signal blocking or disruptions

We can handle losing Wifi or enduring spots of bad mobile coverage; however, disruption or no signal on a mobile phone is no laughing matter. If you have no other means of contact other than your mobile, being phone-less could leave you in big trouble. A hacker can easily obstruct your access to a phone signal and jumble your phone’s ability to send and receive calls and texts. Signal blocking is incredibly frustrating and can leave your entire phone essentially useless.

How to combat mobile phone hacking

Investing in mobile phone security software and hacker prevention can protect you against hackers. Expert providers Online Spy Shop offer a catalogue of cyber security which can help protect you and your devices against cybercrime. For specific issues like data recovery, or more general software which aids system recovery, Online Spy Shop can help with whatever your need.