Spy camera technology is so sophisticated these days that you can now wear tiny pinhole cameras concealed on your body without anyone telling. These cameras can be fitted in everything from ties and watches to spectacles, where of course, you can control the view and get the very best footage just by angling or tilting your head to look directly at the object you want to film. However, wearing a spy camera and getting away with it is not as easy as you may think.

It's very hard to control that guilty feeling, that paranoia that everyone suspects that you're wearing a camera and that you'll be caught any minute. The body-worn camera won't be obvious; it will be virtually undetectable to a casual or close observer. Your very suspicious behaviour will be obvious, so how do you keep the sweating, twitching and darting eyes under control?

  • Resist the temptation to fiddle with the camera. You must avoid drawing undue attention to the camera, which means not touching, adjusting or otherwise fiddling with it. It's easy to do this unconsciously, so be on your guard.

  • Wear cool clothing to avoid sweating. If you're nervous, you're more likely to start perspiring. You cant stop this from happening (although strong antiperspirants can help), but you can avoid tight-fitting, heavy clothing that can make you feel too hot. Stick to loose, light layers instead, especially if it's a hot day or you'll spend a lot of time indoors.

  • Consider the conditions and the situation. Nothing gives the game away more than a pair of sunglasses on a cloudy day (or at night!) or a tie in an informal, casual situation, so dress appropriately for the situation and the weather.

  • Do a trial run practice makes perfect. If you're worried about the filming angle and how naturally you'll act when wearing your body-worn spy camera, do a test or several test runs. Make sure to review the footage afterwards to make sure you're not obscuring the footage.

  • Wear it constantly; then you'll forget you're wearing it. Start wearing it constantly to stop the feeling that your body-worn camera is obvious and that everyone can tell. Wear the item in which the camera is concealed a lot, so you forget you're wearing it, and it will appear far more natural. People in your life and at work will also get used to you wearing the item, so it won't arouse suspicion when you start to use it for filming and gathering the evidence you need.

Lastly, don't panic! If you've bought a great quality body-worn camera, the chances are that nobody will be able to spot it. If you can stay calm and try to forget it's there, you're more likely to act naturally and get away with it.