How To Find A Hidden Camera In Your Airbnb Or Hotel Room

You would be surprised and possibly shocked to learn of the ways an Airbnb host can keep tabs on you during your stay with them. When staying in an Airbnb, hotel or private accommodation, we expect the same level of privacy and comfort we would have in our own homes. It is already difficult enough to get used to a new bed and area without even considering the possibility that you’re being watched while doing so.

Where would a Hidden Camera be kept?

It is not unusual to see security cameras in the entrance, lobby area or outside guest accommodation; however, security measures are increasingly being taken too far. With the rise in popularity of Airbnb hosts using key lockboxes, they no longer have to let you into your apartment themselves. To ensure that guests are not checking in early and leave on time, Airbnb hosts will use CCTV cameras at the entrance, remotely viewing your arrival and departure and checking for anything out of the ordinary. Whilst this is not illegal or an invasion of privacy, it makes the thought of installing internal cameras inside Airbnb a little more likely. This is not a faraway problem, with a family recently holidaying in Cork, Ireland, was alarmed to find a hidden camera recording their entire stay.

How can you find Hidden Cameras?

A manual search is the most inefficient way to locate a hidden camera. A thorough room search would include lifting the carpet, checking walls for lumps, checking mattress springs, decorations, etc. Surveillance devices can be hidden just about anywhere, with modern devices being small and easy to hide in plug sockets, TVs or even houseplants. Even to the naked eye, it can be incredibly hard to differentiate a listening device from any other piece of tech. A physical search is ineffective and time-consuming, distracting from the relaxation you should enjoy on holiday.

The quickest and most effective way to search for a hidden listening device or camera is to use a counter-surveillance device. A counter-surveillance device requires no hard work or manual labour; hold, point, and let it do the heavy lifting. The counter-surveillance tool picks up signals from the spy device and tells you if your room is bugged within seconds.