Nothing is more frustrating than looking after your own property and ensuring you dispose of rubbish responsibly, only to have your street ruined by inconsiderate fly-tippers. Sometimes, the council can help clean up dumped waste and catch fly-tippers but stretched budgets and limited resources often mean nothing happens. Residents are left to deal with the situation themselves, but what is the solution? If you've had enough of the mess and frustration and want to do something positive to stop fly-tipping and dumping from happening in the first place, there is an action you can take. Concerned neighbours are now starting to make use of CCTV cameras to capture on film those who cause problems on their streets.

Using CCTV cameras to gather vital evidence

These outdoor surveillance cameras can be placed in 'hotspot' areas where fly-tipping happens regularly. They can capture vehicle registration plates and images of the people responsible, which can then be used as solid evidence for your local authority to use to find the individuals responsible. This evidence could prove vital when it comes to taking enforcement action, such as prosecuting and fining serial offenders and educating people in the local area on how to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Who can get the most from using outdoor cameras?

While anyone having problems with anti-social behaviour on their street can benefit from using cameras to gather evidence, particular people will find them useful. For example:

  • Residents of end terrace houses - these properties tend to suffer from fly-tipping more than others, and owners can end up at the end of their tethers trying to resolve the issue
  • Business owners - cleaning up other people's waste that finds its way into your car park or onto other parts of your premises can be expensive, and it can also damage your companys reputation (as customers think it is your waste)
  • For homeowners looking to sell their properties - a pile of dumped waste on your street can be tremendously off-putting to potential buyers, whereas clean, well-cared-for streets can add value to a property's price.
  • Neighbourhood Watch groups - members of these groups can club together to purchase surveillance equipment, making it much more affordable. They can also spread out the work of viewing footage and reporting incidents to the local council, all to clean up their street by working together.

Why outdoor spy cameras could be a good investment; of course, it's not all down to residents to catch fly-tippers, especially when it's necessary to use their own money to buy and install outdoor surveillance cameras. However, it could stop the problem from happening and significantly improve the appearance of your street. This could, in turn, positively affect property prices should you be interested in selling your house. For these reasons, many people would consider it money well spent.