Some people think GPS trackers are useful for locating a lost or stolen vehicle and not very much else. On the contrary, these clever devices have many functions that can help everyone, from individuals to businesses, saving them time and money. GPS vehicle trackers can be a godsend for businesses that use vehicles daily. As well as keeping tabs on all company vehicles and reporting location data at any one time, they can also help to improve efficiency, train drivers, and minimise fuel consumption.

Trackers can also boost productivity as drivers know that a fleet manager monitors their movements. However, there is one huge benefit that we haven't yet mentioned. GPS trackers could also help to protect, safeguard and maybe even save your company's reputation in relation to its vehicles at least.

Stopping speeding in its tracks

If one of your vehicles is stopped by the police for speeding or you get a notification in the post, this can be very bad for your brand image.

Anyone driving past your pulled-over vehicle on the road can see exactly who it is, as your company branding is likely to be blazoned on the side. If you can use GPS trackers to monitor speed, provide alerts when a driver is speeding and lead to penalties or training on speed awareness, these embarrassing incidents could be a thing of the past.

Stamping out discourteous and dangerous driving

Many company vehicles have business credentials on the rear, some even having a How's my Driving Sticker. If one of your drivers drives dangerously, i.e. cuts someone up, changes lanes without looking, do a risky manoeuvre or is discourteous to other road users or pedestrians, it's not only the business who will be hearing about it. Using your company information, a complaint can end up all over Twitter. Avoid this by again monitoring driver behaviour using accurate, real-time GPS tracking and journey reporting technology.

Providing better customer service

Not all uses of GPS trackers are to stop bad driver behaviour there's a far more positive application too. If you've promised a customer you'll get to them by a certain time, you can keep them updated with accurate, exact information on ETA and delays using your GPS tracker.

Likewise, if a driver gets stuck in traffic or accidentally goes the wrong way, your tracker can help to direct them to the fastest and most efficient route so that you can reach customers faster. What's more, if a customer says you didn't turn up and you did (and perhaps try to claim compensation or a refund), your GPS tracking info can resolve the situation by proving exactly where your driver went and at what time. This can help you improve the quality of your customer service, reduce complaints and hopefully do a great deal to improve your business's reputation and public image.