In the effort to keep your home as safe as possible, it is important to evaluate the security of your space routinely. It is vital to remember every time we leave our homes; there is a potential chance for thieves to take advantage. Asking yourself the following question may be a good place to start evaluating your security.

Are there external areas to your home in which a thief or criminal could assess the belongings of your home? If you routinely leave your curtains wide open and you live on a busy street, you may be unknowingly showcasing the belongings you have, which they could potentially steal. More so, if you live in a more rural area, are there spots around the perimeter of your home someone may be able to hide in, in order to evaluate your property?

Are you taking any trips soon? Have you prepared security measures for your absence? When homeowners are away for long periods of time, properties are extremely vulnerable to break-ins. If you do not have the correct systems in place, you may return from holiday to the sight of a break-in. It is vital it is not obvious you have gone on holiday. Consider investing in a timer for your lights so they switch on at a certain time every day so it looks like somebody is home in the evenings. Informing any neighbours you have that you are leaving can also let them know to be suspicious of anyone around the property.

When scoping out a house for a potential burglary, a few other factors may make your home a prime target. If you live in a densely populated area, is your home surrounded by gravel, tarmac, or grass? As gravel is loud underfoot, it may be a bit more difficult for sleuthing thieves to walk over. You may also want to assess the accessibility of your home. Do your windows and doors have visible locks? Are your walls and hedges high, which could conceal a burglar picking a lock? Considering your home as a whole may help you understand its weak points.

As every home will have possible points of entry, the most reliable way to protect your home from a break-in is to install a home security system, like outdoor security cameras. Installing security cameras around the perimeter of your property may allow you to spot strange activity outside your home before it becomes a break-in. More so, there have been many instances of police using home security footage to identify and convict thieves in the event of a break-in. When it comes to home security, you truly cannot put a price on peace of mind.