House key and keychain in gift box with red ribbon.

The holiday season is a wonderful time of joy for families and friends as everyone celebrates the festive season. However, the holiday period can also be a prosperous time for opportunistic thieves, catching people as their guard is slightly lowered. With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to consider any extra security measures you can take to protect your home. Taking time to ensure your home is safe and secure this Christmas not only provides peace of mind but can also save you a lot of money and stress further down the line. Here are a few measures you can take to ensure your home's security.

Secure doors and windows

As we are in the midst of the dark, cold winter nights, it's hard to know who could be lurking outside our homes, waiting for a chance to break in. In winter, an open door or window is simply an open invitation for thieves; it is no surprise this is the most common form of burglar entry during Winter. We often become so distracted by the hustle and bustle of Christmas that it is so easy to leave a window open when leaving the house, or we may forget to lock a door. Always ensure your home is fully secured before you leave it, or you may risk having a very stressful Christmas.

Conceal gifts and luxury goods

Particularly if your home is very open plan with lots of windows, it is important to know what information you are giving away about the contents of your home from the outside. If there is a clear view of large presents and gifts in your home from the street, you may want to consider purchasing blinds, closing your curtains during the day, or strategically placing your Christmas tree and gifts. Visible gifts and expensive items show potential thieves what they could have if they break into your home, so don’t give them that chance.

Curb the cash

Money is a great, practical gift at Christmas; however, try not to store too much cash in your home in order to avoid losing it in the event of a break-in. Any larger sums of money should be kept safe within your bank or, at the very least, stored within a hidden, sturdy safe. We also recommend withdrawing large sums of cash at the last minute to reduce the risk of theft as it won't be lying around the house.

Use a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are incredibly efficient, useful devices that can be used to track any belongings 24/7. They are very useful in preventing vehicle theft, a particularly popular crime in darker months. They also can be attached to expensive belongings like TVs, meaning your possessions are always under surveillance. With modern GPS trackers coming with compatible mobile phone software, you have unlimited access to the items you wish to track. GPS trackers may be particularly useful if you head away over Christmas and want to monitor an item's location. Knowing your possessions are safe and secure this Christmas is priceless gift money can’t buy!