When investing in surveillance cameras for your home or business, the number of different products available can be very overwhelming. Between spy cameras, motion-detecting cameras or night vision cameras, there is a product for every need and requirement. One of the most prominent questions prospective security camera owners will face is whether to purchase hidden or visible cameras. With both types having their own advantages and disadvantages, which camera type is the right camera for you? 

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are incredibly useful for a very specific set of tasks. If you are hoping to record footage in secret, hidden cameras are undoubtedly the best option. As hidden cameras are usually fixed within an object or are concealed, their vision can be easily obscured, intentionally or by accident. They are almost always fixed, meaning they can’t be redirected remotely. If you wish to keep watch on a vehicle in a garage, for example, a hidden camera would allow you to see your car from a concealed viewpoint, in an area where most people wouldn’t visit too often. However, if you wish to watch your children or family members, a hidden camera can easily be obscured or knocked over, rendering it useless. One major advantage of hidden cameras is their battery life. As they are much smaller than regular visible security cameras, they require less charging time and are more simple, making them easier to control. 

Visible Cameras

If you are willing to sacrifice secrecy, visible cameras are a lot more versatile for the everyday user. Visible cameras can be mounted in a variety of places, giving better a viewpoint and broadening the camera's range. Visible cameras can also be bigger, use different lenses and make use of lens add-ons like anti-glare shields and mirrors. As visible cameras are able to be bigger and more high-tech, they can provide a much clearer image which may be instrumental in identifying thieves. On the flip side, visible cameras are more likely to be attacked or vandalised, especially before the crime commences. This can destroy a rather expensive piece of equipment and leave your home vulnerable again. 

Which is better?

With both camera types having very different uses, it is impossible to say one is better than the other. Both visible and hidden cameras may be used for very different things, with one being more moveable and discrete, and the other being more reliable yet obvious. The ideal home security system would have both camera types, giving owners the best of both worlds.