Help Your Dad "Be More Spy" With These 007 Gifts For Father's Day

Every male ego wants to be James Bond, and why not? Author Ian Fleming created the iconic fictional British Secret Service Agent who represents style, sophistication, danger, and adventure. Bond, of course, had an array of spy gadgets at his disposal that got increasingly sophisticated throughout the movies. Bond always had access to the Aston Martin DB5 - the most iconic car in the films. It was equipped with various gadgets, including machine guns, an oil slick sprayer, and an ejector seat.

The Walther PPK was Bond's signature firearm, which he used in many films. It is a compact, semi-automatic pistol that is easily concealed and highly accurate. And, of course, a Rolex Submariner. In the film "Live and Let Die," James Bond wore a Rolex watch equipped with various gadgetry, including a powerful magnet and a buzz saw. The watch also had a built-in helium release valve to withstand deep-sea diving.

But these are not affordable spy gadgets for the average amateur sleuth. Thankfully, we have some amazing and affordable surveillance-type gadgets you could gift your Dad for Father's Day.

Spy Pens that doubles as a hidden camera. It can take covert photos and videos and be a fun way to practice spy techniques such as gathering intelligence and collecting evidence.

Spy Listening Devices can listen in on conversations from a distance. Some models can be disguised as everyday objects, such as electrical sockets, making them easy to conceal.

Thermal Night Vision Monoculars can be used to see in low-light or dark conditions. They can be a fun way to practice navigating in the dark and help an amateur spy see things that would otherwise be hidden.

Micro GPS Trackers can be attached to an object or person to track their movements. This could be useful for keeping tabs on a child or a pet or for fun scavenger hunts or geocaching activities.

WiFi Surveillance Cameras can be placed in your home and office to obtain video footage of events and can be remotely viewed on a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Our cool products won't make Dad an instant spy, but they can provide great fun and, at best, give peace of mind and evidence for solving baffling cases.

Why not check our full product range and choose a fab gift for Father's Day? You never know; it may bring out the inner Bond in him.