GPS tracking for bicycle security

Whether you are a die-hard cyclist, or just enjoy shaving 20 minutes off your walk to work, bicycles can quickly become one of our most prized possessions. Bikes also are not cheap, with off-road bikes on the professional end of the spectrum costing upwards of £1000. If you have invested in a bicycle, the last thing you want to do is replace it, out of theft or accidentally misplacing it. Purchasing a GPS tracker can help protect your bike and your wallet from the financial hit of replacing it.

The perfect size and shape for bicycles

The design and shape of GPS trackers make them perfect tracking gadgets for bicycles. Attaching a GPS tracker to your bicycle is a safe way to track your bike, as trackers are so hard to spot. Modern GPS trackers are small, black and can be attached underneath a bicycle, in order to hide it as much as possible. In the event of a theft, a thief is quite unlikely to spot the tracking device as they often look like another part of the bike frame. State-of-the-art GPS trackers also require very little maintenance and afterthought. GPS trackers from Online Spy Shop can have a long-lasting battery life of up to 2 weeks. This enables you to continually track your bicycle without having to constantly remove your tracker and charge it. Overall, GPS trackers are the perfect piece of technology for silently monitoring your bike's location.

Use a geofence to immediately locate your bike as it moves

By using a geofence, you can keep close track of your bicycles movements, ensuring it's not being moved by anyone but yourself. Modern GPS trackers now come with a compatible mobile or device software, which provides more functionality and control over your tracker and the data it receives. Users can draw a geofence or a digital roadmap of an area in which they would like their device to be tracked. When the device enters or leaves that area, the user will automatically receive a push notification highlighting the item's location. Geofencing can be extremely useful for tracking a bicycle at work for example, in making sure it is not broken free from a bike rack or taken from a hallway. Furthermore, this can allow you to preemptively stop a theft, without having to be glued to your mobile phone 24/7.

Extra method of communication

Aside from its tracking abilities, GPS trackers can also be useful in situations of emergency. If you are out for a late-night cycle and feel unsafe, you can use a GPS tracker to send an alert to a predefined number asking for help. Most GPS trackers now can be purchased with SIM cards, which not only provide trackers with a texting function but also with stronger signal and location services. This makes GPS trackers a great backup method of communication, especially if your mobile phone has died.