From Voice Recorders To WiFi Cameras - The Most Popular Spy Gadgets Of 2019

We've compiled the five most popular products purchased during 2019 thus far using internal data.  Whatever your reason for using spy equipment, with more than 1,000 positive customer reviews, our continued commitment to providing high-quality products and services at keen prices is clear to see.

Hidden Voice Recorders

There are many versatile uses for carrying and using a digital audio voice recorder.  These incredibly popular devices undoubtedly help individuals and companies acquire the evidence needed to prove a dispute, provide solid proof of bullying in the workplace, school, or by a colleague or neighbour, or show intimidation made during sales appointments.

They can also prove invaluable to the welfare of a parent in a care home or private hospital.  Our product range is expansive, from covert devices disguised as everyday products to leave on a table or desk to overt devices which do not need to be disguised but require long operating battery life.

One of our best sellers this year is the Powerbank Battery Pack Voice Recorder:

This hidden voice recorder appears to be just an ordinary external power bank to charge Smartphones, iPad and other small electrical products but can also be handled without arousing people’s suspicions. For more discreet use, a small magnet (supplied) can be attached to the base of the power bank so it can be deployed out of view when magnetised to metal surfaces - for example, behind a radiator, under a table, a car seat, or bed frame - but its most advantageous selling point is that the power bank can record continuously for a whopping 14 days or remain actively in standby waiting to record when voices are detected for a huge 150 days.  

For such a small device, the battery is outstanding. The audio quality is super clear, capable of picking up sound some 20-25 feet away. The product is highly reliable in getting the evidence the first time, so it’s no wonder this product is one of the most popular selling products. The Power Bank packs small, plays big, and is always reliable.

Tracking Devices

Professionals, individuals and businesses alike will usually have a tracking device available to them for any number of reasons, from tracking a small parcel to fleet vehicle management.  With ever-growing car thefts, it's no surprise that the use of tracking bugs to secure cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans is becoming increasingly popular. Tracking devices are becoming smaller, faster and smarter and can even be carried by individuals to help aid their safety with an SOS Panic Button or fitted inside the lining of cases used to carry valuable items that alert you in the event the case is moved. Our SMS and Real-Time covert tracking devices utilise the latest GPS, GPRS and GSM technology to provide the most accurate location tracking available.

A firm customer favourite and an original undisputed powerhouse are the SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker:

The SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker is a simple to use 'where are you?'  'Ah, there you are!' tracker. No computer, contracts, or subscriptions are required; only a smartphone is used between you and the tracker. So, at any time, call the SIM card number and get back a super accurate street name a few seconds later.  In fact, you receive a full-colour map that actually shows the tracker’s current location. The Terrain is the easiest tracker to use and has been regularly championed by professional investigators who need the job done right. And the beauty of the SMS Terrain is just that.. a text message tracker, so no expensive server-based tracking is involved.

The SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker has a weatherproof, sealed casing and a strong magnetic base, making it suitable for inconspicuous deployment underneath your vehicle or other valuable assets.  With an incredible standby time of up to 6 months and an operational tracking time of upwards of 3 weeks, this isn't a wuss tracker you will have to faff around charging every few days. It's a solid contender that matches the higher-priced trackers but provides reliability and performance without the associated running costs of a real-time car tracker.  Simple to use, call the SIM card number inside the tracker and within seconds, you will receive a full-colour street-level Google map—One-nil to the SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker.

Smartphone Monitoring

In 2006, Nokia made the most popular handset with the first commercially available spy monitoring software. Using Symbian, the software became so popular that many developers scrambled to produce their software, and the market boom began.  

Scroll forward 13 years to 2019, and you will find an abundance of smartphone monitoring available for iPhone and Android at prices that have become extremely attractive. There is no current market leader for the best software on the market; however, our smartphone monitoring compliments all the latest Android handsets and provides a wonderful assortment of functions and features you will love using our original and best Android Smartphone Lock N Wipe monitoring software still reigns supreme:

The software and associated user console are designed and hosted in the UK, giving you assurances of quality. And this tracking bug software provides the most intelligent and efficient way to monitor the smartphone activity of your children, an elderly relative or an employee. With given consent, the Android Smartphone Spy Phone Software can monitor a device's daily use and includes unique remote phone locking and erasing functions should the handset be lost or stolen. When running on a device, the software intelligently monitors usage in the background so it doesn't go over the allocated user data allowance and arouses suspicions. But it will send you details and recordings of all phone activity to the secure online platform.

In addition to the software’s abundance of smart monitoring capabilities, you can also remotely remove and insert the encryption keys, which firmly gives you full control of the data. If you remove the encryption keys (be sure to store them safely), this means not us, not you, not the administrators, nor anyone else can access the stored data on the console. It's secure by design and can never be recovered or accessed unless you insert the encryption keys.

This software is very simple to use and fast to install simply by typing a unique URL into the smartphone's web browser and following the onscreen prompts.  Unlike other software, its application is almost undetectable and will run on the latest Androids, making it perfect for short- and long-term monitoring.

WiFi Spy Cameras

This market area has boomed in the last year, especially as more people look for ways to protect their property while away.  Overt WiFi CCTV is a great deterrent because the opportunist will see the camera and think twice; however, more robust methods are being applied in the shape of covert WiFi spy cameras. These are ideal for catching someone in the act of gathering evidence, as the perpetrator is unaware of being recorded. These cameras instantly notify your smartphone of activity, enabling you to act before an opportunist knows what hit them.

In addition to the beneficial security aspects of using WiFi cameras, a more discreet camera allows for better flexibility of use. For example, being able to check on loved ones remotely is our most popular request by our customers.

Our most popular hidden camera is the Socket Lead With WiFi Spy Camera:

Designed and hand-built in the UK, this fantastic, fully functional normal-looking socket lead can be used to power other electrical appliances. Because most premises use a socket lead, it is ideal for blending in naturally. The WiFi camera is incredibly well camouflaged, allowing you to view live footage with audio and record anywhere in the world from your smartphone. You can also receive push notifications in the event of movement, so you know when somebody enters the room. Furthermore, the setup procedure takes just minutes and no technical skill is required.

Bug Detectors

These hand-held marvels of sweep technology provide the antidote to malicious eavesdropping bugs, including but not limited to surveillance cameras, car trackers and audio listening bugs, by detecting their associated transmitting frequency signal. Initially, using these electronic countermeasures is the best way to locate the general proximity of spy bugs, which a more in-depth physical search should follow up.

Our most popular counter-surveillance product is also one of the newest additions, encore the 3-Band Bug Detector Pro:

With an excellent detection scope covering 12.0 GHz, the spectrum range is covered over three switchable bands.

Band 1 detects 50 - 700 MHz

Band 2 detects 700 MHz - 3.0 GHz

Band 3 detects 3.0 GHz -12.0 GHz

Bug detectors are designed to be simple to use, small in size and packed with the technology that does the hard work.

For more information about any of our products, please get in touch with our experienced and helpful team. We are here to help.