Essential Items For The Lady Spy

Do you see yourself as Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith or Emma Peel in The Avengers? Perhaps you fancy working undercover? Or are you looking for some quirky gifts for the aspiring female spy in your life? Here is all the essential gear.


It might be the biggest cliché, but a classic Mac (the coat, rather than a computer) is ideal for spying. Not only is this an eternally stylish look (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's), which will allow you to blend into all sorts of social occasions and cope with different weather conditions, but you can also hide all sorts of handy devices under a Mac... Most women feel naked leaving the house without a handbag and are more than used to lugging around a heavy bag packed with essential daily items. All good spies should have a hidden camera to record their prey, so why not a handbag with a hidden camera built into it? This is the perfect solution!

Our unisex shoulder strap camera bag is anonymous and smart; we guarantee that even the most eagle-eyed observers struggle to spot the hidden camera. The camera is lightweight, too, so the handbag can still be stuffed with weighty, everyday items - it weighs only 48 grams. But lightweight doesn't mean low quality; the HD camera records high-quality video and audio footage, using the latest touch-screen technology for added ease of use - and sneakiness. The footage can be easily stored or shared via Windows / Mac computers. It really is an essential item for any aspiring spy or mystery shopper.

An alternative for anyone who is reluctant to discard a favourite handbag is a wristwatch with a hidden HD camera. Yes, it is unbelievable that such a small accessory can conceal such sophisticated spying technology. It looks like an ordinary (but attractive) watch, yet it can take high-resolution snapshots and even store up to four GB of files. There are no flashing lights, beeps or other signs that the watch is taking pictures; it is utterly discreet - and great fun to use.

Hidden gadgets

Wearing spectacles can change our appearance (very useful for spying). Did you know you can wear glasses with hidden recording devices? Just like the shoulder bag and the wristwatch, these glasses contain secret cameras that are incredibly discreet and capable of recording and storing high-quality video footage. How about an innocuous pen with motion-detection recording capabilities? It sounds like something Q would have designed for James Bond, but it is real. A very effective piece of spy kit operates at the flick of a switch, allowing you to record activity without arousing any suspicion.

Bug detectors

But spying is not just about surveillance; "constant vigilance" is the mantra of any decent spy, so bug detectors are an essential kit. There is a wide variety on the market in different shapes and sizes for picking up hidden transmitting devices and mobile phone activity.  A credit card sized bug detector will fit into a purse without looking suspicious or taking up too much room.