A distressing scene showing a man in a defensive posture on a bed with a woman's fist raised in a threatening manner, conveying a serious moment of conflict.

With the current lockdown in the UK, it comes as no surprise to learn that both domestic abuse and illicit affairs are on the rise. Baroness Beverley Hughes, Greater Manchester's deputy mayor for policing and crime, states Domestic Abuse during the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak is soaring as people stay indoors during the lockdown. Sky News separately report that during March and April, domestic abuse victims are desperately reaching out for help in increasing numbers.

In a different article reported by The Mirror, due to the lockdown, there are unbearable tensions for couples after a partner finds out their partner is cheating. Being together in a confined space for a long time can be testing even for the most devoted relationship, and some find escape by searching for online dating, as reported by Cosmopolitan. This interesting article researches lockdown affair cheating and why people are actively looking for virtual sexual pleasures to relieve the boredom of the lockdown.

It is essential to ensure you have taken appropriate action to obtain video or audio evidence of domestic abuse or a cheating partner where possible. At Online Spy Shop, we have a diverse range of excellent spy audio and video recording products and look at the differences between their uses.

The main benefits are:

  1. Voice Recorders are inexpensive and can be placed out of view because the microphone needs only the smallest hole to record sounds through.
  2. Spy Cameras provide unquestionable picture evidence, especially where physical contact needs to be proved.
  3. Audio Recorders are extremely small.
  4. Surveillance Cameras provide long-term 24/7 monitoring, especially if powered from a mains supply.
  5. Digital Audio best captures conversations indoors, one-to-one, or within a group.
  6. Hidden Cams can be used indoors and outdoors, especially if the camera supports night vision.
  7. Both audio and video can be remotely accessed, and evidence can be played back on a computer or smartphone.

Below are a couple of our favourite products.

Voice Recording

The SD Card Voice Recorder is a unique audio recording product that uses meticulous and precision engineering to take digital voice recording to a new level. The SD card, which is not much bigger than some postage stamps, is cleverly integrated with nanotechnology to provide superior audio quality. Each recorded file can be digitally signed with a time and date and protected using 256-bit encryption.

It is simply stunning with multiple recording modes, including continuous, scheduled and sound detection - and even sound detection recording during scheduled times. Also, the SD card can be remotely accessed via Bluetooth to listen live and download audio files to an Android smartphone.

The SD card looks completely normal and can be carried about your body, casually left on a table, or even slotted into a computer and is ideally suited for Law Enforcement operations. However, it can also be used by professionals looking to acquire discreet high-end audio without compromise.

Video Recording

The Socket Lead with WiFi Spy Camera allows you to remotely view and/or record video with audio from inside any room environment from a smartphone anywhere in the world. The Socket Lead is fully functional and can be used as a normal electrical power strip inside houses and offices. In addition to seeing room activity in real-time remotely, the camera can send instant push notifications to your smartphone whenever movement is detected - and recordings are safely stored within the app and ready to transfer to your photo camera roll for safekeeping and evidence at any time.

The smartphone app supports iOS and Android and can download from the Apple / Google Play Store. The WiFi Socket Lead Camera is a professionally UK-designed and hand-built product to help provide peace of mind for individuals and businesses looking to add an extra layer of security to monitor their premises when absent. Likewise, it can be used as a surveillance camera to obtain crucial evidence for sensitive matters.

In the midst of all things considered, choosing the right recording product before purchase may require our helpful advice. That is where we excel in knowing our products and can provide excellent customer service. You can confidentially speak to one of our small team, or we can call you back at a time suitable to you.

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