Combat Bullying In The Workplace With Discreet Audio Surveillance

The 3-part TV series 'Sticks and Stones' concluded with a fantastic finale highlighting the growing issue of workplace bullying. In particular, the show portrayed how bullying is not just in physical form but mentally wearing the subject down to the point of being misdiagnosed with mental health. The script was absorbing and, at times, uncomfortable but it peeled back the layers for the audience, providing them with insight into how psychological intimidation was carried out, which we are sure many people reading this article can relate to in some capacity.

In the final episode, Thomas Benson turns the tables on his trio of perpetrators Isobel Jones, Andy Stocks and Becky Mills exposing them as vindictive bullies, achieved by an extremely cost-effective method—the humble voice recorder. Thomas Benson had cleverly used a smartphone to covertly record the smug explanation by Isobel Jones in the hope of turning the screw deeper and pushing Thomas into further depression.

Whilst the scenario was played out for good TV, it’s highly unlikely that using a smartphone to capture bullying 'on-the-fly' can be achieved. In the case of Thomas, he was lying face down on the office floor, not being watched and had ample time to discreetly take out his phone, unlock it, navigate to a recording app, activate recording and put the phone back in his pocket. In a real-world situation, Thomas would have had a Spy Voice Recorder easily accessible in a pocket that could be activated without looking in a few seconds. 

Regardless of how the audio is captured, the show gave great insight into how simple it is to prove your side of events. If you feel you’re in a similar situation to Thomas, whether in the form of bullying at work by a colleague, intimidation at home by a partner, or just for general representation in an interview or appointment, we have an abundance of mini digital audio recorders with time and date stamp to suit your budget.

The Flash Drive USB Audio Recorder is a super easy-to-use, portable recording device which can be freely shown as a normal USB and functional Mass Storage Device to keep your files, folders, excels, graphs and pictures. Under a different disguise, the Voice Activated Cigarette Voice Recorder is another fantastic device using a real lighter professionally hollowed out and integrated with a digital audio recording mechanism. The longest audio recorder we currently have is the Powerbank Battery Pack Voice Recorder which also operates as a functional Power Bank to charge your smartphone.

All three products above provide superior sound quality, are simple to operate, and are readily available to purchase from our Online Spy Shop website with fully tracked Next Working Day Delivery.

So if you need cast iron evidence-gathering to tackle and put an end to bullying, intimidation or any other issue that needs proving beyond doubt, don’t rely on being able to get your smartphone recording at the moment.