When considering buying a GPS tracker, it’s important to get the best value for your money. There are lots of different GPS trackers on the market, with different functions and features. Depending on what you will be using the GPS tracker for, there are certain features you may want to look out for. As GPS trackers can be quite expensive, you want to purchase the right one for you!


Modern GPS trackers will come with compatible tracking software that can be used on any smart device. The software will allow you to digitally monitor your GPS tracker, alongside receiving notifications about your tracker and its movements throughout the day. This is incredibly useful to have on your mobile phone for ease of tracking. The software can also create data insights into the movements of your tracker and its behavioural patterns. Whilst GPS trackers with software may be slightly more expensive, the extra accessibility and features are worth it.

Battery Life

It may seem like a given, but long battery life is essential when shopping for a new GPS tracker. Having to recharge a GPS tracker every few days will most likely end up being quite tedious. It also can be very easy to forget to recharge your tracker, making it useless. Ideally, try and purchase a GPS tracker with a battery life of at least one week. Another tracker feature to look out for is being able to monitor your tracker's battery life through your mobile phone. This can help you know how much battery your tracker has left, so you can preemptively charge it back up before it dies.


Geofencing is a relatively new additional feature in the world of GPS trackers. Most modern GPS trackers come with compatible smartphone software that lets you track your device from your phone. From your smartphone app, you can easily create a geofence. Geofences are areas that can be drawn on a map; if a GPS tracker leaves or enters this marked area, a predefined message will be sent to an arranged number, or an alert can be sent to the GPS software app. Ensuring your GPS tracker can set up geofences means you have access to an additional feature that can be very handy. Parents can use geofences, for example, to automatically know when their children have left school if they do not have mobile phones.

Smart SIMs

GPS trackers which contain smart sims can be more accurate. Whilst a GPS tracker does not need a smart sim to function, having a sim can help enhance a tracker's performance. A GPS tracker with a sim can use both GPS satellite information and Wifi in order to receive information and find the tracker's location. Trackers with SIM cards can also send messages and receive calls; they can operate in a similar manner to mobile phones. These extra abilities make GPS trackers more useful, as they can operate as a backup mobile phone in an emergency.