Burglary Claims Are Soaring

With nearly a year of strict lockdowns and the introduction of working from home, most burglars were put out of their jobs due to the pandemic. Domestic burglaries plummeted by 30% in 2020, as homes were no longer empty during the day. However, things have quickly changed with the loosening of restrictions; as more people head back into the office and spend more time away from home, thieves are returning to their old habits. Whilst burglaries naturally rise during winter months as the days are darker, burglaries have already risen 10% before winter has even begun. Some reports claim home burglaries have risen a staggering 33% between January 2021 and September 2021.

Forecasts highlight how this rise in theft is unlikely to slow down, as Christmas festivities also pose security risks, as more people leave their homes to enjoy the festivities with others. A seasoned burglar will be able to spot an empty property, using calendar events to their advantage. More so, human error can also result in our homes being left vulnerable to attack. Research has found 21% of UK residents have forgotten to lock their external doors before going to bed.

More so, roughly 20% of people have innocently written the dates of arrangements or holidays on parties or calendars, which tells intruders dates the home will be empty. An intruder could enter your home, find this information, and then schedule when they will return to steal bulkier items. Studies have also found around 15% of people surveyed have left keys on the outside of their door whilst letting themselves into their homes. Simple mistakes like these can allow keys to be snatched, meaning a stranger has complete access to your space.

With burglaries likely to keep rising, it is imperative we take every step possible to secure our homes from theft. This can include installing home alarm systems, or outdoor motion-detecting lights, which can scare off thieves. Taking extra safety precautions can reduce theft risk and increase peace of mind. When burglar-proofing your home, you may want to consider using GPS trackers as a way to track and retrieve stolen goods. GPS trackers are small, discrete devices that can be attached to items. Most modern GPS trackers also come with software, allowing tracking from a mobile device or laptop. This means you always know where your belongings are, even if you are outside of the house.

A useful feature of GPS trackers is the ability to geofence; this allows you to draw an area on a map, in which you will be immediately notified if the item being tracked leaves or enters this area. This allows homeowners to set up geofences around their homes and be the first to know if any belongings go missing. In the unfortunate case of a burglary, GPS tracking information can also be given to police and insurance companies to support your case in filing a report or making a claim. GPS trackers are undoubtedly one of the most useful gadgets on the market, which can provide a very important sense of peace in a home.