Body-worn security cameras are security cameras you can take on your person, wherever you may go. Body-worn security cameras have two main functions. Firstly, body-worn cameras show people you are recording them, this may cause those around you to be mindful of their behaviour as they are being filmed. Secondly, the main use of body-worn cameras is to collect surveillance footage of your surroundings. Body-worn cameras can be visible, clipped onto your pocket, or they can be hidden in cuff links or in necklaces. One of the most popular types of body-worn cameras is one which can be fitted into the buttonhole of a shirt. 

Provides reliable and accurate evidence 

Body-worn cameras can collect invaluable footage of the crime, helping provide clarity into any situation which could have happened. Body-worn cameras can also be used in everyday life, not just in emergencies. If you wish to protect yourself against a potential attack, or simply wish to monitor your surroundings more, a body-worn camera is a perfect gadget for you. In the event of an attack, a body-worn camera could provide vital evidence. Whilst the presence of an eyewitness is valuable, it is easy to forget important details which could be the difference between a conviction or the criminal walking free. Having real life footage of an incident, eradicates human error, providing the most accurate portrayal of events. 

Deters Crime

In the same way that outdoor security cameras deter burglars from breaking into certain properties, body-worn cameras can deter criminals too. People will always adjust their behaviour when they are being recorded, to avoid getting themselves into trouble. This is known as the Hawthrone Effect or the Observer Effect, a human phenomenon that was discovered in the 1920s. This is partially why most security guards wear clearly displayed body cameras, which often are strapped to the middle of the chest in clear view. 


Body-worn cameras not only protect the wearer but also protect others involved in the incident. Body-worn cameras increase accountability and transparency, acting as an independent witnesses of the event. First-person camera footage can provide key evidence of police wrongdoing or unjust behaviour from the wearer of the camera, not just the other way around.  


Wearable spy cameras can be purchased for as little as £150, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you would prefer not to wear a camera attached to your clothing, you can carry it hidden within a set of keyrings or on your wrist in a digital watch. The variety of body-worn cameras available makes recording on the go extremely easy. This takes any hassle or stress out of personal surveillance, letting the gadget do all of the work for you.