Are Spy Cameras Worth The Investment? 

The recent hike in burglaries in the UK is no laughing matter. During the pandemic, the number of break-ins dropped significantly as the public adhered to social distancing and isolation rules. This makes sense, as thieves scrambled to find other sources of money at the expense of others, targeting vehicles and switching to cybercrime. However, whilst the pandemic has certainly not ‘ended’, most restrictions have been removed, with people returning to work, being able to socialise and go on holidays. Now, burglaries are on the rise once more, particularly in densely populated cities like London, Manchester and so on. Here are some recent statistics from experts Review 42.

More than 267,000 burglaries were reported in 2021. 

A burglary takes place roughly every 106 seconds in the UK. 

Almost 40% of burglaries surprisingly take place during the day. 

As the threat of burglary is becoming stronger, there are numerous reasons why you should invest in spy cameras for your home.


The increased feeling of security and peace of mind spy cameras offer homeowners is undeniable. Having 24/7 access to your space offers reassurance when abroad or during long periods of day or night in which homes are left empty. Particularly if you live in a busy area that is densely populated, keeping an eye out for suspicious people around your home could preemptively stop a break-in. Not only can you identify thieves before they break in, but you can also identify them after they leave. If your home is burgled, spy cameras could help identify the criminal, showing their build, gender, recognisable features, car licence plate, etc. All of this information is invaluable to police officers working on the case.

Added features 

More so, modern spy cameras now come with wifi connectivity and 4G/5G. This allows remote access to security footage using a smartphone or tablet. Being able to connect security cameras to the internet allows footage to be shot in higher definition and colour, making it much easier to identify anyone entering your home. You can essentially live-stream footage of your home, 24/7, using spy cameras. 


Spy cameras are not only extremely practical, but they are also versatile. Home cameras do not have to be used for security measures solely; they can help with many other areas of life. If you have a new puppy that needs litter training or enjoys chewing things it's not supposed to, in-home cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. If you have a young child or an elderly parent receiving care, you can also check they are being adequately cared for.

If everyone living in the house is aware and comfortable with cameras being present, they can make family life much easier. The versatility, ease of use, and value spy cameras bring to the home make them a very worthwhile investment for homeowners. Better yet, with the flourishing security equipment market, there is a spy camera for every price range, yet again making them an important investment for every homeowner.