5 Ways You Can Use Tech To Outsmart Criminals And Burglars

Home security is one of those worries that can, quite literally, keep you up at night. It’s very easy to become paranoid, leaping out of bed and conducting a full-scale security check after hearing the slightest noise. Going on holiday can also be a worry. A week in the sun or another well-earned break is definitely something to look forward to, but some people end up dreading it as it means leaving their house unoccupied and potentially vulnerable to break-ins.

Don’t worry; use tech instead

If you are preoccupied with thoughts of burglars, vandals and break-ins, and you worry about protecting your family, home and possessions, it's time to take action. You don’t need to hire a security guard or install a panic room. Peace of mind can come in a much simpler and more affordable form. Many gadgets and clever tech devices are available to help you protect your home without going overboard, and you don’t need to work for MI5 to get hold of it. Surveillance and specialist spy device retailers such as Online Spy Shop stock all you need to outsmart even the craftiest criminals, and it doesn't cost the earth either.

Here are just 5 of the many ways you can use tech to protect your property:

Install motion-Activated Cameras

Visible, high-tech surveillance cameras can deter a potential intruder or burglar. If obviously functional and placed out of reach (so it can't easily tamper with or be disabled), a spy camera can make them think twice about picking your property, which is the main purpose of deterrents. All you need to do is make a burglar view your property as not worth the risk. Consider fitting motion-activated cameras to the outside of your property, covering the main entry points (but making sure not to point them at other people's properties if possible). You can also choose to keep cameras discreet if you prefer, using them to record evidence of a break-in as well as providing you or the police with a real-time alert so you can stop the crime in progress.

Receive real-time alerts and watch your property live

As mentioned in the tip above, you can use high-tech surveillance cameras to provide a real-time alert if motion is detected at your property when you aren't there. These alerts, sent to your email or to your smartphone, allow you to check in immediately and view the live footage from your property if you aren't at home. If all you see is a cat prowling around the garden or the wind blowing a tree branch, you can rest easy. If you spot an intruder, you can take immediate action –by calling the police and hopefully getting the burglar apprehended before too much damage is done. This gives you total control over security at your property, which can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Use Wi-Fi lighting systems

If you hear a noise in the night or are checking into your camera feeds remotely, having the ability to turn on house lights from your phone can be very useful. You can do it instantly from your bed or anywhere else, provided it has an internet connection. Wi-Fi lighting systems are becoming increasingly common in modern homes, with people valuing them for convenience. However, they also have great security benefits.

Burglars like to operate in the dark, where their identities remain secret, and you can scare them off in a matter of seconds simply by tapping your phone and turning the lights on full. You'll never be on the back foot if someone breaks into your home, fumbling around for the light switch and potentially ending up in harm’s way.

Swap your door peephole for a screen

If you're one of those people who doesn't really like pressing your face to the front door to see who’s calling – with only a relatively thin piece of wood between, you can boost security by swapping your peephole for a screen. This allows you to see exactly who is there from a safe distance. You can also buzz them in and talk to them through an intercom. Crucially, if it's someone you don’t want to answer the door to (like a salesperson), you don’t have to give away your home by walking to the peephole.

Consider fitting a keyless door lock

If you’'ve ever lost your keys, you'll know the worry that comes when thinking about them falling into the wrong hands. It can stop you from sleeping, fretting about someone simply letting themselves in with your key in the middle of the night. It’s also a hassle to change locks as quickly as possible. The solution could be a keyless door lock, which works like keyless entry systems in the latest car models. Many options exist, from fingerprint recognition to digital PIN entry systems. You will need to choose a reliable brand and put a lot of trust in the technology, though, because if you go completely keyless and the lock doesn't recognise you, there’s always the risk that you get locked out and stuck on a technical support line trying to sort it out.

There’s one final important thing to remember in relation to home security, one that can offer great peace of mind, especially when going on holiday. It’s not gadget or tech-related, but it can provide protection –with a robust home insurance policy. With this in place, you won't face financial disaster even if your possessions are stolen or your property damaged. The emotional impact of a break-in can take longer to fade, but at least you won't be out of pocket as well.