5 Things To Look Out For When Buying A GPS Car Tracker

GPS car trackers are useful for a wide range of different applications, from protecting vehicles from theft to keeping an eye on newly licensed teenage drivers. There are many GPS trackers on the market, but which is best for you?

Here are 5 of the most useful features to look for

1. Long battery life

Once it’s hidden in or attached to a vehicle, you won’t be able to power your GPS tracker from the mains. This means it needs to have decent battery life. A device like the Trackerpro Live Car Tracker offers exceptional battery performance, lasting up to three weeks or more on a single charge. 

2. Integrated WiFi tracking

Why is it useful for a GPS tracker to have WiFi? The main reason is that WiFi can be a backup if the GPS signal isn’t strong enough. For example, when the car is located indoors or in a weak area for GPS. WiFi is active everywhere and can take over whenever the GPS drops out. It can use the nearest WiFi signals to continue sending you accurate, real-time tracking data. This means no blind spots and minimal chance of you losing sight of the target. 

Many trackers offer integrated WiFi, including the Bolt SMS WiFi Tracker and the Trackerpro. 

3. Magnetic

A good spy gadget needs to be discreet and easy to position without the need for bolts, screws, brackets and tools. Go for a magnetic GPS tracker like the Trackerpro, and you can simply pop the device onto a suitable metal surface. This means fast deployment before anyone can notice a thing. Most magnetic trackers have a very strong magnet attached to minimise the risk of the device becoming detached from the target surface. 

4. Smartphone app

A good tracker shouldn’t require new equipment or software in order to monitor real-time vehicle location. The good news is that many GPS car tracking devices now come with their very own smartphone apps, so you can check in using your phone wherever you are in the world. The NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device has a free app that is downloadable from the Google Play or Apple Store and gives you a mini version of a full console tracking panel. You can track live and remotely instruct changes from this handy app. 

5. Discreet dimensions

If you’re trying to track without being detected, the last thing you need is a big clunky black box with a red blinking light. This would be a dead giveaway. Instead, choose a small, nondescript tracker like the SMS Tiny Tracker. This compact device measures just 65 x 45 x 15 mm, so hiding somewhere in a vehicle is easy. It’s also very handy for tracking people, parcels, and vehicles. If you’re worried about the safety of an elderly relative, for example, you can ask them to keep this tiny gadget in their handbag so you can find them if needed.