5 Spy Bugs That Could Be In The Room With You Right Now And How To Flush Them Out

The 5 bugs that could be in the room with you right now –and how to flush them out

Surveillance is not something that many people tend to worry about, but if a suspicion enters your head that your home or car has been bugged, –it can be hard to get it out. Here are just 5 of the common ‘bugs’ people tend to worry about:

GPS vehicle trackers

 While not technically in the room with you, a GPS tracker could be on the vehicle you use daily. These discreet devices are hard to spot if you're not looking for them, being disguised as something inside the vehicle or placed out of sight on the outside. Cars have many different parts, making it impossible to check everywhere. Once fitted, these trackers could keep a record of your vehicle’s movements, as well as track live.

Call recorders

 These devices are hard to spot unless you know how to look for them, integrated into the handset or elsewhere as an ancillary device.  A call recording device could provide someone with a direct feed of all your calls and both sides of the conversation.

Spyware and malicious programs

Your desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets are just as likely to be ‘bugged’ as anything else in your home or workplace. These devices are, in many ways, easier to bug, making them more vulnerable to attack.  Viruses, spyware, and other programs can easily find their way onto your phone or laptop, in downloads, email attachments or as part of a targeted campaign by hackers.

Hidden cameras

Without making you feel too paranoid, a hidden camera could be disguised as any of a wide range of seemingly innocent-looking household objects in the room with you right now. They could be concealed in air fresheners, smoke alarms, door intercom systems, radios, lamps, tissue boxes, and even teddy bears. Many of the items they are disguised as are fully functional, so they may not necessarily have raised any suspicions.

Audio listening devices

 Just like hidden cameras, audio bugs can also be disguised as everyday household objects like plug adapters and phone charging docks –, so you might not notice them. There are also devices that can listen through walls to listen into and record conversations.

Don't panic! Peace of mind is just a few steps away

By now, you may understandably be feeling very paranoid that there are bugs around you. In all likelihood, unless you have very good reason to suspect you are under surveillance, none of these bugs is present in your home. However, you can give yourself peace of mind that your sanctuary is surveillance-free by carrying out a few quick checks. A bug detector is a perfect device for the job, detecting frequencies transmitted within or near space.

You can find different ones for the job, the more sophisticated devices being able to sweep rooms with more sensitivity, greater detail, and wider frequency ranges. To protect your mobile devices and computers, the software is the ideal choice to detect and remove malicious programs and spyware.