5 Effective Tools For Collecting Divorce Evidence

It’s by no means a pleasant task, but sometimes it is necessary to gather evidence ahead of a looming divorce case. It could be that you're trying to prove something that your ex-spouse is trying to conceal, such as earnings that they haven’t declared or perhaps adultery. Whatever you need evidence for, there are legal, effective ways to collect it and help your divorce case – all you need are a few handy tools and devices at your disposal:

Telephone call recording devices

These devices are very easy to set up, whether you choose a device placed near a phone or integrated into the handset to access a direct call feed. Discreet and efficient, call recording devices can capture conversations about business deals, personal affairs and anything else you think your ex-partner may have been concealing.  

Social media platforms

 Online relationships are one of the biggest causes of divorces nowadays, and there is always a trail of evidence left behind. According to WebPreserver.com, 81% of lawyers find court-worthy evidence from social media platforms, with 66% of divorce cases using Facebook as a primary source of evidence. Even more surprisingly, around 1 in 5 divorce petitions in the UK contain some reference to social media, as to what counts as evidence, personal messages or photos containing references to infidelity, location-based posts which contradict verbal testimony and defamatory statements made about a former partner are all commonly used in divorce cases.

Wall microphones

Sometimes, it's necessary to find out what’s going on behind closed doors. Wall microphones can help you acquire audio evidence to confirm your suspicions, which can be used in your case. Two main devices are available for listening through walls – contact microphones which convert vibrations into audio, and infrared or laser devices, which allow you to monitor a room remotely.

Concealed cameras

Video footage can be compelling evidence in a divorce case, and it's now easier to obtain thanks to significant advances in spy camera technology. You can now be fully confident that your camera is out of sight, as many devices come disguised as common household objects. Crystal clear footage is guaranteed; you can even access the footage or watch live from a remote location.

Data recovery sticks

Chat logs and email chains can be invaluable for proving concealed earnings or adultery. However, it is not always easy to access them. Data recovery sticks can help you retrieve lost chat logs and messages from various messaging and email clients, computers and mobile devices. It’s a simple process requiring hardly any technical knowledge, and the valuable data is easily stored on the portable USB stick for later use. There are a few golden rules when collecting divorce evidence – always act within the law and consult your divorce lawyer before doing anything.