A close-up of a person examining a circuit board with a magnifying glass and a precision screwdriver, suggesting a detailed technical inspection or electronic bug detection process.

Worried about being bugged? One of the only ways to know for sure is with a bug detector.

Unwanted surveillance is more common than you might think – and there’s been a particular problem with it in holiday rentals over the last few years. Spy cameras are now much tinier and easier to hide, particularly when disguised as an innocuous item like a smoke detector. Some of the most minuscule consist of a pinhole lens embedded in a wall, making them extremely difficult to spot.

You don’t need to be a private investigator or a security specialist to get your hands on counter-surveillance equipment. There’s a growing market for consumer spy gadgets for domestic use. So, it should be relatively easy and cheap to sweep your home, office or car for hidden surveillance equipment.

If you’d feel better with a bug detector in your pocket, here are just a few of your options:

1. Spy Camera Bug Finder – best for travel privacy

To ensure privacy on holidays or business trips, pop this Spy Camera Bug Finder in your suitcase. This lightweight gadget is designed to sniff out hidden cameras, and you don’t need any techie know-how to get started.

One of the coolest features of this budget-friendly device is the LCD video display. Unlike bug detectors designed to detect radio frequency signals, the Spy Camera Bug Finder reflects tiny flashes from even the smallest hidden camera lens. All you need to do is look through the infra-red viewer, and you’ll be able to see any cameras, even in the dark.

2. Pocket Combi Bug Detector – best value all-rounder

Another great value counter-surveillance gadget for domestic use, you can sweep for more than just hidden cameras with the Pocket Combi Bug Detector. If any device transmits between 20 Mhz and 6.0 GHz, this gadget will find it.

Check the simple bar-graph display as you move slowly around the room. If you’re close to something that shouldn’t be there, this display and a handy vibration mode will let you know.

And you can also use the Pocket Combi Bug Detector to detect hidden camera devices visually. Look through the infra-red viewer; even the smallest pinhole camera lens will be reflected.

This popular gadget does everything from one compact, lightweight package – and it’s super easy to use.

3. PRO1207i Advanced Pocket Bug Detector – best for professional use

If you need advanced features or have a more complex counter-surveillance challenge to deal with, it’s time to go pro. The PRO1207i has many functions, including an ultra-high sensitive frequency detection range. Once switched on, the scanning sensors will pick up signals from even the latest, most sophisticated surveillance equipment – even those operating in short bursts (such as GPS trackers).

You don’t need to worry about accidentally dropping the PRO1207i, as it’s housed in a tough ABS casing. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the size, as this easy-to-use professional bug detector is handheld and pocket-friendly.